Fans are amazed when Erling Haaland makes an unbelievable training trick shot.


Fans are amazed when Erling Haaland makes an unbelievable training trick shot.

When Erling Haaland plays for Borussia Dortmund, he routinely takes people’s breath away, and the 21-year-old has done so again by producing a spectacular trick shot in training.

Erling Haaland has wowed fans with a spectacular trick shot during Borussia Dortmund training this week.

After scoring 68 goals in 67 games for Dortmund, Haaland, 21, is perhaps the most sought-after young player in the world right now.

As a result of his outstanding goalscoring form, the Norwegian striker has attracted interest from some of Europe’s biggest teams, including Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Real Madrid.

He’s already proved himself to be a generational talent, as evidenced by the trick shot he pulled off at Dortmund training this week.

Haaland puts three balls on top of each other on the penalty spot in a video shared on social media by the Bundesliga.

He then launches the first ball right towards a practice target in the top-left corner, crushing it to bits with the second.

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Despite the fact that only a small portion of the broken target remains, the Dortmund sensation hits it with the third and final ball.

It was a masterful piece of work from Haaland, to the point where admirers were left wondering if the clip on social media was real.

“Surely that’s bogus right?” said one person.

“Bruh, he’s unreal,” exclaimed another.

A third remarked: “How did you stack three balls on top of one another? that’s far more intriguing “..

“Damn, this can’t be genuine,” wrote a fourth.

One person simply stated: “It’s impossible to balance three balls on top of each other in such manner. Erling, of course, went ahead and did it anyhow. Erling is unconcerned with what humans believe is impossible.” Dortmund then convinced fans that the clip was legitimate by releasing it to Twitter with the statement “This is real, trust us.”


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