False eyelashes I found on Facebook have partially blinded me, making me feel less feminine.


I’m less of a woman now that I’m partially blind from false eyelashes I found on Facebook.

Dodgy eyelash extensions she discovered on Facebook almost blinded a woman.

Zowie Kinnear’s fake lashes were stuck to her waterline instead of being glued to her natural lashes.

The lash extensions scraped the glam 31-year-old’s eyeballs RAW.

“I thought I was going blind,” Zowie said, adding that he has regained vision but must wear sunglasses due to sensitivity.

“I feel like I’m less of a woman,” she added.

I used to wear false lashes frequently, but I no longer do.

I’m simply terrified.”

She claimed she found the lash technician on Facebook and was overcharged because the beautician refused to hand over her £20 change after the botched eyelash job.

According to Zowie, the shady treatment took THREE HOURS, rather than the usual 45 minutes.

She claims it took so long for her boyfriend to realize she’d been kidnapped.

And she claimed she was in excruciating pain during the usually painless procedure, despite the technician’s assurances that the stinging was normal.

Her eyes swelled shut from the scratching as the day progressed.

Her boyfriend rushed her to Aandamp;E near their home in Bournemouth, Dorset, the morning after the treatment because it had gotten so bad.

Due to how swollen Ms Kinnear’s eyes were, doctors had difficulty prying them open.

“It felt like someone was stabbing my eyeballs,” she said.

“I could barely open my eyes when I looked in the mirror.”

The only way I can describe it was as if someone had put gel in my eyes when I opened them.

“It was excruciating – I’m usually pretty good with pain, but it was excruciating.”

Medics used specialized equipment to pry Zowie’s eyes open and injected yellow dye into them to assess the extent of her injuries.

“I had bright yellow dye put in, and they said my eyes were scratched to shreds,” she explained.

“I started getting sick after I got out of the hospital.”

“I began coughing up all the yellow stuff they’d injected into my eye.”

“I had no idea what was wrong; all I could see was yellow stuff coming out of my nose and mouth.”

“It was a nightmare.

“I was afraid I was going to die and go blind.”

Doctors advised Zowie to go back to the beautician as soon as possible to have the faulty lash extensions removed.

She claimed, however, that the beautician, unfazed by the unexpected hospital visit, claimed she was too busy to assist.

She went on to say that the beautician didn’t even apologize or offer…

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