‘Failed disaster!’ On London transportation, Sadiq Khan is accused of “using masks to foment conflict.”


‘Failed disaster!’ On London transportation, Sadiq Khan is accused of “using masks to foment conflict.”

Dan Wootton, host of GB NEWS, has slammed Sadiq Khan for wearing masks on public transportation, calling him a “failed mess.”

Dan Wootton, a presenter, has attacked Sadiq Khan, accusing him of “stoking discord” and calling him a “failed mess.” It comes as London Mayor Sadiq Khan requested the government to make wearing masks on the TFL a bylaw.

“What is it with the left’s increasingly craven attempts to create regulations over what we wear and how we choose to spend our lives?” Dan Wootton remarked on GB News.

“London’s ‘failed mass’ Sadiq Khan, the country’s signaller in chief, is requesting today that the country give him the ability to make not wearing a mask on public transportation illegal.

“Having used the tube every day from my house in East London to our studio in West London, I can assure Mr. Khan that there would be a slew of criminals, because on many occasions, up to half the carriage has opted to ride muzzled, as they are legally authorized to do.”

“Given the crime pandemic in lawless London, where muggings, stabbings, and burglaries are frequently neglected by law enforcement, it astounds me that he believes policing, a meaningless and political veiled mandate, would be the best use of police time,” he continued sarcastically.

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“Such a demand is also based on a smattering of facts.

“Dr Colin Axon, a prominent researcher and professor of Medical Mechanical Engineering who has previously advised the government on ventilation, recently informed me that there is very little evidence to show that face-coverings prevent COVID transmission.”

“In fact, in his words, these covers are a little more than comfort blankets,” Dan Wootton stated.

“Non-medical masks have gaps that are imperceptible to the naked eye but at least 1000 times the size of viral COVID particles, as he so eloquently explained.”

Sadiq Khan has pushed the government to enact a bylaw requiring the use of face masks on public transportation in London.

He believes that not wearing one on the Tube should be made a crime.

Wearing a face-covering on public transportation has been a “condition of carriage” – not a legal necessity – since July 19.

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