Face-to-face GP visits dispute erupts ‘We don’t want them ringing up about trivial issues,’ says one of the doctors.


Face-to-face GP visits dispute erupts ‘We don’t want them ringing up about trivial issues,’ says one of the doctors.

GB News Mark Dolan and Dr. David Lloyd had a spat regarding the lack of face-to-face GP services, especially during the pandemic’s peak.

Mark Dolan of GB News has questioned Dr David Lloyd about the lack of face-to-face GP services, claiming that doctors “actually locked up the doorways.” Despite the lifting of Covid restrictions, just six out of ten GP appointments in August in England were face-to-face. The public has asked that more in-person consultations be reinstated, with doctors warning that doing checkups over the phone risks missing critical indications.

“It’s understandable that the public is unhappy, David, since the perception is that GPs locked their doors to the British people for a year and a half,” the GB News host stated.

“Well, they didn’t,” remarked Dr. David Lloyd.

“Well, they literally did, didn’t they?” the presenter remarked. The doorways to GP surgeries were really locked up.” “Because we needed to keep COVID out, and we discovered that there were better ways to accomplish things,” the doctor explained.

“But now things have opened up again, and all of us physicians and nurses have received double vaccinations; now I’ve received triple vaccinations.”

“As a result, we are lot safer now than we were before, and we can begin visiting patients face to face.”

“This decision to make GP surgeries COVID secure practically meant closing GP surgeries,” the host explained.

“There are numerous illnesses that go untreated, many of which are significantly more deadly than COVID-19, particularly cancer.”

“And, you know folks who didn’t go to the doctor if they had symptoms, and this is a far bigger problem than COVID will ever be.”

“I agree,” Dr. Lloyd responded.

“There are millions of people who are waiting for a diagnosis.”

“There are already millions of cancer patients on the waiting list.

“We do encourage patients to come forward with knowledge of their symptoms,” says the researcher.

“We don’t want them to read up on little details, since I believe there is a lot of that in general practice.

According to new numbers, just over 60% of GP appointments in England were conducted face-to-face last month.

Following weeks of public criticism over face-to-face visits, a wave of patient abuse has erupted, prompting practice workers and GPs to resign.


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