‘Extremely harsh,’ says the author. Si King of the Hairy Bikers ‘totally lost it’ after a difficult divorce from his wife.


‘Extremely harsh,’ says the author. Si King of the Hairy Bikers ‘totally lost it’ after a difficult divorce from his wife.

Simon King, star of HAIRY BIKERS, spoke candidly about his divorce from his first wife in an emotional 2016 interview, claiming that they “lost each other” after he prioritized work.

In tonight’s episode of Hairy Bikers Go North, Si King will return to the screen. Many people may be curious about the chef’s personal life outside of his show. He was married to Jane for 27 years, but he recently revealed that their marriage is now “in pieces” due to the strains of celebrity. The 54-year-old admitted that the two “lost each other” as they pursued various goals in life.

“We lost each other,” the father of three sons, Alex, James, and Dylan, told the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine four years ago. Jane was preoccupied with her family, whereas I was preoccupied with my career.

“The reality is that the industry in which we operate is really harsh. There are timetables and deadlines to adhere to. You must be in top shape. Some people are capable of doing so. It’s a challenge for me.” He admitted that there were occasions when he couldn’t recognize himself, saying, “When you’re in it, you just get on with it, but then something happens and you think, ‘Christ almighty, who am I now?'” ‘Who have I turned into?’ “Even though we’re divorced, she’s still my wife,” he explained.

With his life in shambles, King admitted that, despite his cheery on-screen appearance, things were extremely different behind the scenes.

He went to Dave Myers, a good friend and fellow Hairy Biker, and stayed with him at his home in France.

The TV chef’s mother Stella died during this time, and he was left traumatized after having a brain aneurysm in 2014.

“After my mother died, I developed an aneurysm.” I had absolutely lost it because I had been separated from Jane for two or three years at that point. He explained, “I didn’t know who I was anymore.”

King previously said that his wife Jane was by his side as he recovered from an aneurysm.

“It was frightening for me, but I believe it was even more so for my children and wife Jane who were by my bedside,” he said.

“I was hurried into surgery and underwent an occlusion, which is an operation that stops blood from flowing through a burst blood vessel,” says Brinkwire.


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