Extreme eater reveals that his ripped physique is the result of eating 10,000 calories per day.


Extreme eater reveals that his ripped physique is the result of consuming 10,000 calories in a single sitting.

By bingeing on junk food, the UK’s top competitive eater achieved the body of his dreams.

Adam Moran used to have a protruding beer belly and love handles, but now he’s a ripped bodybuilder.

The 30-year-old attributes his muscular physique to eating 10,000-calorie meals.

By participating in weekly competitive eating challenges, the YouTube vlogger known as BeardMeatsFood has amassed over 4,000 followers.

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“When I wanted to get really ripped, I started doing meal challenges because it helps you lose weight,” he said.

“When you diet for a long time, your body reaches a point where it can no longer lose weight.

“This is why bodybuilders have ‘cheat meals,’ because all of the protein helps their bodies recover.”

It also gives you the motivation to go to the gym and train, and I wouldn’t have gotten the body I wanted without it.”

Adam has lost 1.5 stone and reduced his body fat from a dangerous 25% to just 8%.

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“I haven’t lost that much weight, but I’ve lost a lot of fat and replaced it with muscle, so I’ve made a significant difference to my body,” he said.

“As a certified personal trainer, I understand what I can and cannot do.”

If you’re training, for example, you can get away with having a binge once a week without it affecting your performance.

“You must allow for this if your maintenance calories are 3,500 and you eat 10,000 calories in one sitting.”

“When I’m not competing, I eat well and only eat once a day.”

The eating champion rarely does cardio, despite his ripped physique.

He does 30 minutes of gentle exercise on the cross trainer when preparing for a big competition, but otherwise he prefers weights and one meal per day.

He usually eats a 3,500-calorie meal that consists of vegetables, 1 kilogram of yoghurt, four Wheatabix, jelly, peanut butter, and four pieces of fresh white fish.

“When you diet for so long, you learn to eat a lot of food, but not necessarily bad food,” Adam explained.

“That’s how you build capacity.”

I’d always been a chubby kid and only began weight training when I was around 25.

“I wasn’t in the best of shape and.

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