predicted the finale of James Bond: No Time To Die three years ago.

0 predicted the finale of James Bond: No Time To Die three years ago.

This website predicted the surprising ending of the JAMES BOND film No Time To Die more than three years earlier.

Today, Daniel Craig’s fifth and final James Bond film debuted in theaters, with a shocking conclusion. And this website anticipated the end of Craig’s Bond career more than three years ago.

Yes, EON Productions finally had the guts to kill off Ian Fleming’s renowned spy James Bond after nearly 60 years.

After foiling the villain’s wicked plan, Craig’s incarnation was blown up in a missile strike on Safin’s island, but Bond’s lover and daughter escaped unharmed.

In recent weeks, there has been widespread speculation that Bond may have time to die in No Time To Die.

This website, on the other hand, predicted that this would happen while it was still unimaginable over three years ago.

We ran the headline “James Bond 25: Why Daniel Craig’s 007 is extremely likely to be KILLED OFF in his final excursion” in May 2018, a year before No Time To Die began shooting and Danny Boyle was still signed on as director.

Following rumors that the upcoming Bond film might be comparable to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine finale Logan, this piece was written.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Bond 25 would have a female co-lead (probably Nomi the new 007) and that the tone would be “lighter” than previous Craig films.

No Time To Die certainly had its share of amusing, almost Roger Moore-style laughs.

While Boyle’s picture was shelved when he departed Bond 25 due to creative differences, it wouldn’t be strange if portions of what he’d intended were incorporated into No Time To Die’s script.

The Logan parallel, without a doubt, led us to believe that Bond would die in the forthcoming film, much as Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine did.

The parallels don’t end there, with No Time To Die eerily resembling Tony Stark’s demise in Avengers: Endgame.

Iron Man died, leaving behind his five-year-old daughter Morgan Stark, just as Logan died and his daughter Laura lived on.

And now, with a five-year gap between No Time To Die and Avengers Endgame, Bond is killed off, leaving his daughter Mathilde to grow up without him.

But, like the Marvel superheroes, “James Bond Will Return,” as the end credits scene of No Time To Die guaranteed.

This will, however, be in a different incarnation, likely in an other universe. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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