Experts on how to add ‘thousands’ to the value of a home – ‘this will really help’


Experts on how to add ‘thousands’ to the value of a home – ‘this will really help.’

Homeowners can add “thousands” to the value of their home, according to real estate experts.

These suggestions, according to the experts, “will really help.”

Increasing the value of a home is an investment that can result in a higher sale price than the initial purchase price.

While many homeowners consider adding an extension, a conservatory, or converting a garage to increase space and value, there are several simple and inexpensive ways to do so.

Tonya Barnard and Rea Hill, both property experts and estate agents, have shared their tips for potentially adding “thousands” to the value of a home.

Tonya and Rea, 35, from Chelmsford, Essex, are known as the Property Twins and are experts in all areas of real estate.

The sisters own Victoria Louise, a real estate agency, and they’ve shared their tips for increasing the value of a home.

The first thing a potential buyer sees when viewing a property for the first time is likely to stick in their minds.

A buyer might be turned off by an overgrown front garden, peeling paintwork, or weeds.

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As a result, it’s critical that the exterior be as spotless as possible.

“First impressions count,” according to The Property Twins, so make sure windows and doors are clean and trash is removed.

They even suggested that if necessary, areas be given a fresh coat of paint.

“Make sure the lights are turned on and avoid viewings during periods of heavy traffic,” they added.

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One helpful tip shared by the real estate experts could increase the asking price of a home by “thousands” without the homeowner having to do anything.

“Selling your home with planning permission could add thousands to your asking price without having to do any construction work yourself,” Tonya and Rea explained.

As a result of Britons being trapped in their own homes during the pandemic, gardens have become more important.

In what has been dubbed the “race for space,” the majority of homeowners are now looking for more space in their homes.

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