Expert advice on how to get rid of cat fleas and keep your home flea-free.


Expert advice on how to get rid of cat fleas and keep your home flea-free.

CATS are a popular home pet in the United States, and as most owners know, they enjoy exploring their environment on their own.

While this allows for a fuss-free furry companion, it’s less enticing when they bring fleas into the house. Keeping up with flea treatment is essential for keeping your cat flea-free, but how do you get rid of them once they’ve entered your home? To find out, this website consulted an expert.

As summer draws to a close and the weather begins to warm up, it’s a good idea to check your pets for fleas more frequently, as fleas flourish in warm, humid surroundings, making late summer the optimum season for fleas on cats.

Doron Wolffberg, the founder of All About Cats, has offered some expert advise on removing cat fleas from your furnishings and home.

“No matter how well you clean and care for your cat, fleas are generally unavoidable,” he told this website.

“All it takes is one flea to hop on your cat and start eating, then reproduce and lay eggs in your cat’s fur, which fall into your home and furniture.

“Where your feline housemate sleeps or relaxes – the sofa – has the largest impact.”

Fleas are most likely present if you see little black flecks of filth on your cat’s fur, as well as your carpets, furniture, and clothing.

First and foremost, remove your sofa covers and wash them on a hot setting in the washing machine, but carefully check the labels to avoid destroying the fabric.

Doron Wolffberg, the founder of All About Cats, advises borate-based powders, which are typically more effective than conventional washing powders in killing fleas and keeping them away for a year or more.

As a sure-fire technique to get rid of fleas, all insecticide treatments should be followed by vacuuming.

Use your vacuum to completely clean the sofa, the cushions, and the surrounding surfaces while your sofa cushions are being washed.

“No matter how much cleaning you do, the flea control is never entirely accomplished unless you treat your cat and eradicate the fleas from any outdoor locations on your property,” the founder of All About Cats noted.

“This is the time to reapply your insecticides, so make sure you do.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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