Expert advice on Covid testing for travel: How to cut the expense of tests.


Expert advice on Covid testing for travel: How to cut the expense of tests.

COVID testing for travel might cause holiday costs to skyrocket. There are, however, some simple ways to save money, according to the CEO of certified testing firm Qured.

In the post-coronavirus world, going on vacation is a totally different experience, with a number of laws that must be followed. Testing is one of the most visible – and, in many circumstances, the most expensive – of these.

Following claims of poor service for travelers, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) initiated an investigation into testing companies.

The cost of legal testing has been reported to be skyrocketing, which is being investigated as part of this study.

There are, however, ways to decrease costs, according to Qured, a government-approved testing agency.

Qured specializes in at-home testing for travelers, allowing them to take pre-departure and fit-to-fly quick antigen tests, PCR fit-to-fly tests, day two tests, day eight tests, and day five tests to release tests from the convenience of their own homes.

With this website, Qured’s CEO Alex Templeton gave his perspective into how holidaymakers might save the cost of their travel exams.

Discount codes are one of the most common ways for vacationers to reduce the cost of testing for travel.

Customers who book through airlines or travel companies who have partnered with an official testing service are typically granted discount codes.

“Qured is partnering with numerous airlines, including British Airways, KLM/Air France, American Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, and Heathrow Airport, to provide customers with at-home testing discounts,” Mr Templeton said.

This is one of the greatest ways to find the “cheapest” options for travel testing, according to Money Saving Expert.

“Travelers should check their flights and airports for available savings, as well as visiting the websites of testing providers to learn more about available discounts,” Qured’s CEO recommended.

While some travel testing businesses may provide a low-cost option, it is critical for vacationers to ensure that tests match the government’s permitted requirements before turning over money.

Discounts vary from testing provider to testing service, but according to Mr Templeton, airline discounts might be as high as 15%.

“Some airlines provide discounts of up to 15%,” he explained.

“For example, British Airways customers can arrange a PCR test for £58.65 and an antigen LFD test for £33 with Qured; consumers simply.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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