Expensive PCR testing forced 22 million Britons to cancel their vacation plans.


Expensive PCR testing forced 22 million Britons to cancel their vacation plans.

AN ESTIMATED 22 million Britons have been “priced out” of overseas vacations due to the high expense of PCR testing for travel. What can be done to reduce the cost of international travel?

For many UK citizens, vacations are out of reach this summer, with reports claiming that 22 million have been “priced out” of international travel due to the financial consequences of testing requirements. According to online doctor service ZAVA, those who have been able to travel abroad have been compelled to pay as much as £195 per person for examinations.

Only children aged four and under are free from day two and day eight testing, despite the fact that children under the age of ten are not needed to undergo a pre-departure COVID-19 test for travel back to England under UK guidelines.

When the testing requirements for accessing particular destinations are factored in, the costs can skyrocket.

All youngsters aged 12 and up must present a negative COVID-19 test in most European destinations, including France, Spain, and Greece.

As a result, a family of four might face an extra cost of up to £800 in testing expenses alone.

According to ZAVA research, these expenses have cost British travelers an estimated £1.6 billion since March 2020.

A positive COVID-19 test added to the devastation for the one in ten people who did manage to get a test.

Britons have also expressed their dissatisfaction with the “stress” that comes with the government’s present standards.

Finding a credible testing service has been a source of consternation for nearly 40% of those polled, owing to an assault of testing frauds.

After receiving several instances of holidaymakers being duped by counterfeit COVID-19 exams and fake certificates, Trading Standards was forced to issue a warning in May of this year.

“A number of Trading Standards Authorities are currently investigating cases where travellers unwittingly paid over £100 to fraudsters for a ‘quick turn-around COVID-19 test and received a fake ‘all-clear’ certificate in return,” Bruce Treloar, Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) lead officer for holiday and travel law, said at the time.

Even authorized tests, however, come with their own set of dangers.

Because to the huge demand for tests and the delayed processing time, some results are not returned. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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