Expats are outraged by the US decision to maintain the UK travel ban, citing a lack of ‘balance and fairness.’


Expats are outraged by the US decision to maintain the UK travel ban, citing a lack of ‘balance and fairness.’

THE UNITED STATES has opted to maintain its travel embargo with the United Kingdom, despite the United Kingdom’s lifting of restrictions on US visitors. This is a significant option for British expats who live or spend the most of their time in the United States.

President Biden said earlier this week that he will maintain travel restrictions with many countries, including the United Kingdom, for the foreseeable future.

Britons are currently prohibited from entering the United States if they have spent the preceding 14 days in the United Kingdom.

The United States is on the amber list, which means that fully-vaccinated Americans can travel freely to the United Kingdom.

Grant Shapps, the Secretary of State for Transportation, said on August 2 that fully-jabbed US tourists will be entitled to skip quarantine.

When asked if the United States would reciprocate, he said, “It depends.”

“We can only make rules for our own country, and people should always double-check the rules on the other side.

“We’re saying, ‘You can come here, you can come as a tourist, you can come to see friends if you’ve been double-vaccinated and don’t need to be quarantined.’

“But we can’t modify that on the other side,” she says, “but we do expect them to release that executive order in due time.”

Thousands of Britons who live in the United States, either permanently or temporarily, are affected by the current travel ban.

The relaxation of the restrictions should be reciprocal, according to a British resident who spends half of the year in Colorado. Beginning next week, US travelers will be free to visit the UK, but not the other way around.

“I believe it is a one-sided rule that allows US citizens to travel to the United Kingdom,” he remarked.

“The US boarders must be opened as quickly as possible to allow international travel to resume.

“At the absolute least, the US government should open the borders to double-vaccinated individuals, and limitations on the US side should be eased to achieve mutual balance and fairness.”

He added that since the travel ban was enforced, he hasn’t been allowed to travel to the United States in over a year.

“The travel ban has had a personal and professional impact on me.

“Seeing my partner in the United States has been challenging. He explained, “We hadn’t seen each other in almost 6 months.”

“Thankfully, she was able to fly to the United Kingdom to see me as a trip to the United States is currently being planned.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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