The ‘Naomi’ star also talked about what drew her to the show and who her favorite superhero is.

There’s a new superhero in town, and he’s taking over the city.

We were introduced to the world of ‘Naomi’ last week, and it is, without a doubt, one of the better superhero origin stories in recent memory.

The show’s strongest feature is how relatable the characters are, as well as the situations they face as high school students.

Camila Moreno is one of the actors who has left a lasting impression on the audience.

The Latina actress plays Lourdes on the show, and despite the fact that it is her first major leading role, she knows how to grab everyone’s attention.

As soon as her character was introduced on the show, social media erupted, and viewers realized they were watching something special.

Moreno is a native of Puerto Rico, where she majored in acting at the University of Puerto Rico.

Her graduating class awarded her the Victoria Espinosa Award for Best Actress.

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‘Naomi’ Review: DC’s newest superhero series gets off to a promising start.

Naomi unearths the untold truth about her past in the first episode of “Naomi.”

She moved to New York and enrolled in the Graduate Acting Program at New York University.

She was a part of several acclaimed theatre productions while at university, including ‘Three Sisters,’ ‘Brainpeople,’ ‘King Lear,’ and ‘Hamlet.’

We now see her on The CW’s ‘Naomi,’ which was created by the incredible Ava DuVernay.

Camila Moreno spoke with Brinkwire about her first series regular role on TV and how having a diverse cast helps everyone achieve bigger dreams.

Q) Congratulations on the premiere of ‘Naomi,’ which you directed.

People are enjoying the origin story, and the show has gotten a positive response.

This is also your first television appearance as a regular on a network series.

What was it like working on the show, and did you notice any differences between acting in a TV show and acting in a theater production?

Camila: ‘Naomi’ is my first experience with a regular series.

It’s been fantastic, and everyone has been very welcoming from the start.

And then there’s the question of whether or not this is different.

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