‘Excellent outcomes!’ Fans of Mrs. Hinch offer a 28p tip for removing markings from walls.


‘Excellent outcomes!’ Fans of Mrs. Hinch offer a 28p tip for removing markings from walls.

A 28p method for eradicating marks from walls has been shared by cleaning fanatics. Fans of Mrs Hinch remark that the product delivers “great effects.”

Mrs Hinch, whose true name is Sophie Hinchliffe, became famous after sharing her amazing cleaning ideas on social media and television. The cleaning celebrity, who has also written many books, has a stunning 4.1 million Instagram followers. Her recommendations have so wowed her fans that they’ve started their own social media groups dedicated to exchanging cleaning and organizing advice.

A cleaning fanatic asked how she might remove markings and smudges from her walls on one of the groups, which receives hundreds of tips each day.

“Probably sounds like a silly question, but does anyone know what I can use on my white painted walls to remove black markings and smudges that won’t remove the paint as well?” she said.

“I’ve painted at least four times this year and don’t think I’ll do it again for a long time. Thank you very much.”

Fans of Mrs Hinch flooded the page with comments.

The majority of users speculated that she employed a “Magic Eraser.”

“Try the Magic Eraser,” one individual suggested.

“Flash Magic Eraser,” said another.

“Magic Eraser works well,” said a third.

“Magic sponge is amazing!” wrote a fourth.

“Try a magic sponge,” a fifth social media user suggested.

“I use kitchen or bathroom paint since it is washable and scrubbable” (either in matte or soft sheen).

“Then I just wipe any marks away with damp wipes.”

Another person stated that they use Magic Erasers as well, but that consumers should be aware of the potential consequences.

“I’ve tried them and had great results,” they stated, adding that “whatever you use, you may still be able to tell where you cleaned.”

“Look at the finer points of the paint you used. Some people are better at cleaning than others.”

Sainsbury’s sells a pack of two Flash Magic Eraser Extra Power Cleaners for £2, which works out to less than £1 per eraser.

There are, however, less expensive versions available.

For for £2.84, you can get ten Pizies Magic Cleaning Stain Erasers from Amazon, which comes out to just 28p per sponge.

Other ways, according to some Mrs Hinch admirers, could be used.

“A plain white rubber, like the ones you use at school,” one individual suggested.

“Works for scuffed and left-over shoes.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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