Everything You Need to Know About Poison Ivy Before She Shows up in ‘Batwoman’.


Heralded by the Bat-Signal in the Gotham City skyline, Batwomanwill return to The CW for its third season on Oct. 13. Javicia Leslie returns as Ryan Wilder, the eponymous female Dark Knight who must now take on several of Batman’s old villains. One of them is the seductive and dangerous Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy’s inclusion into the series was teased at the end of Season 2. While Ryan was hit with the startling revelation that her biological mother was still alive, the Gotham River was littered with items gone missing from the events of her fight as Batwoman. The detritus turned out to be several pieces from the arsenal of Batman’s rogues’ gallery, such as Mad Hatter’s hat, Penguin’s umbrella, and of course, Ivy’s sentient vines.

With her Batwoman debut imminent, here’s everything you need to know about Poison Ivy so far.

The villainess’s inclusion in the series was officially announced back in Aug. 2021. She will be portrayed by Bridget Regan.

True to the comics, her secret identity was that of Pamela Isley. In Batwoman, she is a former botany student at Gotham University with a brilliant scientific mind and a desire to change the world.

According to a Variety report, her origins will be very similar to her story in the comics. Pamela was experimented on by a colleague and injected with plant toxins, which eventually granted her the power to control plant life. She went on to use those powers to achieve her goal of saving the world, even at the cost of human lives.

Though she was inactive for a number of years, she’ll soon return in full force to square off against Batwoman and her companions.

Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries recently teased a new storyline for the character in Season 3, one that she’s “super excited” about.

“There’s a huge facet of it that we haven’t revealed to the press that will be really fun for the audience to participate in,” Caroline said in an interview with TVLine. “We do a combination of staying true to the Poison Ivy canon and what we normally do, which is put our own spin on it.”

The showrunner also confirmed that Ivy’s story will be a major arc throughout the season.

Of course, Ivy’s vines weren’t the only pieces of Batman’s villain trophy collection in the river. As such, plenty more of the classic’s rogues’ gallery… Brinkwire short summary.


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