Everything You Need to Know About Matt Ryan’s New ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Character


Everything You Need to Know About Matt Ryan’s New ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Character

After seven years as Constantine, Matt Ryan decided it was time to put the trench coat away for good. He had a fantastic run with this character, from his own show to the Arrowverse to Legends of Tomorrow. While it’s difficult to say goodbye to our beloved master of the dark arts, we’re not saying goodbye to Matt Ryan. Matt isn’t going anywhere with Legends of Tomorrow. So, who is Matt Ryan on Legends of Tomorrow now that he’ll be playing a different character? Dr. Gwyn Davies, Matt Ryan’s new character, is “a physicist working in New York under Thomas Edison and the man who’supposedly created the framework for time travel,” according to co-showrunner Keto Shimizu in an interview with SyFy Wire. Since time travel is required to return home, the team’s new mission is to locate Dr. Gwyn Davies.

One distinction between Constantine and Dr. Gwyn Davies is that Constantine is a magician, whereas Davies is a scientist, yet they both have demons. “Wow, this is really popping, this is feeling so new, and so delightfully distinct as an energy to have on our ship!” Keto said about Matt’s performance in a separate interview with KSiteTV. She went on to remark that one of the pleasures of introducing new characters to the show is that it creates a dynamic that energises the entire group.

The most common way for shows to explain two identical characters is to imply that one is a descendant of the other. When the same actor gets cast in multiple parts on a show, they may joke that they are doppelgängers (like The Vampire Diaries is famous for). All of them are classic tropes. “You know, what, no, this is simply who it is,” Keto decided this time. Sorry, but if the legends don’t make a joke about how much Gywn looks like Constantine when they first meet him, I’m not going to watch any more. “Matt Ryan in Gwyn Davies is such a different character than he was in John Constantine. “It’s so transformative in a manner that I’ve never required an explanation, and I hope the audience doesn’t want one because I don’t think it’s necessary,” she explained.

First and foremost, Matt felt it was critical to get it right when bidding farewell to John Constantine. He didn’t want his character to be remembered as the cheerful individual he had been. Matt… Here’s a quick rundown of Brinkwire.


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