Everything will be available on Netflix this weekend (November 19).


Everything will be available on Netflix this weekend (November 19).

Netflix’s ever-growing library of streaming video is about to get a little bit bigger. This weekend, Netflix will add a total of 13 new items to its library, all of which are Netflix original series, films, and specials. Beginning on Friday, Nov. 19, Netflix subscribers will be able to find the new titles in the streaming library, with Netflix continuing to add more titles throughout the weekend.

Netflix will kick off the weekend with a new title from its Here for the Holidays catalog on Friday, followed by a Blown Away Christmas special on Saturday. The Here for the Holidays program includes a diverse selection of films and television series that are ideal for the holiday season. Love Hard, Father Christmas Is Back, and The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star are just a few of the titles on the list. Season 2 of The Mind Explained and fresh episodes of Arcane will be added this weekend for those who aren’t quite ready to start their holiday movie watching.

The basic plan ((dollar)8.99 per month), the standard plan ((dollar)13.99 per month), and the premium plan ((dollar)17.99 per month) are the three subscription plans offered by Netflix. Netflix has just launched a “Netflix Free Section,” which allows non-subscribers to watch a selection of the streaming service’s most popular originals for free. Continue scrolling to see what’s new on Netflix this weekend, and don’t forget to take a look at what’s leaving before the end of the month.

Blown Away, Netflix’s smash reality series, is getting a holiday makeover. Blown Away will bring back five fan favorite master painters to the hot shop to compete in a series of Christmas-themed challenges in the quest to become The Best in Holiday Blow after debuting on the platform in 2019 and returning with its second season in January of this year. The winning master artist will earn not only a cash award of (dollar)10,000, but an additional (dollar)10,000 will be donated to the charity of their choice. On Friday, Nov. 19, Blown Away: Christmas will be accessible for streaming.

Netflix is assisting in the resolution of even more unanswered questions regarding what’s going on inside your head. The Mind, Explained is back for a second season, more than two years after its initial Netflix launch. The Netflix original documentary, narrated by Emma Stone, sheds light on topics such as… Brinkwire Summary Entertainment News


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