Everyone except one character will die in the fourth season of Ozark, according to a theory.


Ozark will soon return with another season, but that will, unfortunately, be the final one.

The show kicked off in 2017 and follows Chicago financial advisor Marty Byrde as he moves his family to the Missouri Ozarks to work for a Mexican drug cartel.

Four seasons later, the Byrdes are in deep, so much so that some fans are worried about their survival. One theory predicts the death of all of the Ozark characters except for one.

Where ‘Ozark’ left off

Marty and Wendy faced many difficulties throughout the third season of Ozark that had Helen Pierce trying to cut them out of the business. Realizing they could be killed, they tried to come up with a way to show Omar Navarro that they were still valuable to him.

The two pulled some strings with their FBI contacts and were ultimately able to help Navarro win a war against a rival cartel.

In the Ozark Season 3 finale, the couple headed to Mexico with Helen to join Navarro for his son’s baptism, hoping that would be enough.

They had just stepped off of the plane when Navarro suddenly fired at Helen, killing her.

As the couple stood in shock and covered in blood, Navarro hugged them and told the two he looks forward to building a closer relationship with them in the future.

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This ‘Ozark’ theory predicts death for everyone

After everything that has happened on the show so far, some viewers believe it’s only a matter of time before it catches up to the characters. One theory, shared on Reddit, goes as far as saying that most of them will wind up dead.

The theory came after a fan asked readers to share which characters they believe will die in Ozark Season 4. “everyone,” read one comment, earning dozens of votes.

“I think it ends like it started with everybody but one person dying. I think the survivor is Jonah,” said a second post. “With how Jonah has taken an interest in the laundering process, I could see that foreshadowing the ending,” another fan wrote.

We admit, it does seem likely a character could die in this final chapter. Netflix even teased the Byrdes would “go out with a bang.” But it’s hard to imagine the majority of them being killed off.

Though they all walk a dangerous line, the idea of killing so many beloved characters in… Brinkwire Entertainment short news.


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