Every year, Billy Connolly admits to sending Christmas cards to the wrong address.


Every year, Billy Connolly admits to sending Christmas cards to the wrong address.

BILLY CONNOLLY has stated that every year, after learning that a friend had moved away, he sends a Christmas card to the wrong address on purpose.

Sir Billy Connolly has acknowledged that he’s been sending Christmas cards to the wrong address in East Kilbride for years, and that he’ll keep doing so even if the intended receiver has relocated. During a presentation at the Edinburgh TV festival earlier this month, the 78-year-old comedian discussed the mix-up.

Billy said he was strolling down the street when he was stopped by a pair who turned out to be the newcomers.

“Are you Billy Connolly?” he inquired. ‘You send me a Christmas card every year,’ he said after I answered, ‘Yeah.’ ‘Do I?’ I asked.

“I sent the card to a banjo player acquaintance who resided in East Kilbride, but he had moved and I didn’t know.”

The Scottish actor went on to declare that he will continue to offer the couple holiday pleasantries.

“Will you keep sending it?” he said, Billy continued. He’s still on the list since I answered yes.”

The comic was given a lifetime achievement award at the event.

He subsequently joked in a rare interview with his wife Pamela Stephenson, “I feel like I should be dead.”

“I feel like they know something about these lifetime things that I don’t.”

Billy presented an update on his health after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2013.

Everything, he remarked, was a fresh challenge for him.

“Well, the recent issues have been medical in nature, and they’re becoming worse.

“Have you noticed how I’ve been holding my left hand the whole time? It’s starting to sway a little.

“I’ll have to examine the options and see how bad things go. “Learn by ear.”


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Billy’s wife tweeted a video of the actor reading an excerpt from his book earlier this month.

Later this year, Billy Connolly: Windswept and Interesting will be released.

The author discussed sex in the video, which Pamela shared with her 71,400 Twitter followers.

He stated that being a “funny man” gets in the way of his “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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