Evelyn Plummer, the battle-axe of Coronation Street, has been replaced as she moves out of No.9?


Evelyn Plummer, the battle-axe of Coronation Street, has been replaced as she moves out of No.9?

Battle-axe CORONATION STREET Evelyn Plummer’s role on the ITV soap could be changed soon, as the cobbles resident may be forced to move out of No.9 due to a new arrival.

Since her arrival on the cobbles over three years ago, Evelyn (played by Maureen Lipman) has lived at No.9 Coronation Street. She used to live with her grandson and his partner, Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine), but after Tyrone Dobbs’ (Alan Halsall) romance with Alina Pop, she has been living solely with the latter (Ruxandra Porojnicu). However, it appears that her time on the ITV soap is coming to an end, as a newcomer is due to arrive shortly and upset the applecart, but will the battle-axe be replaced or will she fight back? Fiz continues to form a relationship with her new love interest, Phill Whittaker, in the next drama (Jamie Kenna).

In recent episodes, the mother of two has been heard telling her partner that if he wanted to, he could stay over many times a week.

Mysterious Phill joyfully accepted, but in later episodes, when he informs his fiancée that his boiler has broken down, he will move in entirely.

The soap star invites him to stay for a few days because he doesn’t want him to be out in the cold, and he begins to get his feet wedged firmly under the table.

So much so that he invites his mother Mimi to dinner, and it’ll be evident that his other half is taken aback at the prospect of seeing her potential mother-in-law.

When the visitor arrives, it will be clear that she is exceedingly wealthy, and Fiz will chastise her lover for not telling her about his mother’s status.

Mimi begins to exert control over her son’s new relationship not long after she arrives, announcing that she will throw him a birthday party.

Fiz is shocked by the interjection, having felt it was her responsibility to settle everything out. It appears that this will be the first hurdle she will have to overcome in her new partnership.

However, as the boiler work is frequently delayed, what can start as a few days might turn into Phill moving in permanently over the next few months.

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