Escape to the Chateau: Gardening advice from a gorgeous French castle by Dick Strawbridge.


Escape to the Chateau: Gardening advice from a gorgeous French castle by Dick Strawbridge.

ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU follows the life of the property’s owners, Angel Adoree and Dick Strawbridge, as they repair it. What is the state of the castle’s garden?

The proprietors of the spectacular 19th-century Château de la Motte-Husson, Angel Adoree and Dick Strawbridge, have earned notoriety. Escape to the Chateau, a Channel 4 show, features the property.

The show follows a married couple as they attempt to resurrect an abandoned French chateau.

Dick and Angel have worked to renovate the castle and add running water, heating, and electricity since purchasing it.

Before they moved in, the 45-room castle had been abandoned for 40 years.

A moat surrounds the property, which also contains a walled garden.

The family has taken images of the garden and published them on social media.

Dick is seen in one film growing wild garlic on a large stretch of ground overlooking the Chateau.

In the video, he gave a brief glimpse inside his gardening.

“Will that grow into a bunch of wild garlic forever?” the TV personality was questioned.

To which he said, “Yes.”

He’s previously offered mint-growing advice, claiming that if done correctly, it should only be purchased once.

“The first thing I’m going to put in is a mint. “You should only have to buy mint once in your life,” he remarked.

“It persists indefinitely and spreads like a weed.

“If I took this out and planted it here, there would be nothing but mint in two years, and it would be a tremendous pain in the neck.”

Through a series of photographs, the pair has provided a glimpse of their garden.

Dick was among a sea of foliage in another photo taken in the garden.

A variety of white, purple, pink, and red flowers adorned the landscape.

The garden was encircled by several trees, providing privacy to the home’s part.

Another photograph showed a Magnolia tree growing in a field near the property’s entrance.

“Chateau de la Motte Husson is beginning to bloom and is gradually filling with color!” read the caption.

The pair also shared a photo of the gravel road that leads out of their house.

Next to the moat, there were spots of grass and flowers.

The vibrant blooms, on the other hand, were not simply for the grass.

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