Erin Andrews, a former contestant on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ has an awkward live TV encounter with an NFL legend.


Football legend Terry Bradshaw is facing some backlash online after some Inappropriate remarks to sports journalist and Dancing with the Stars alum Erin Andrews on live television. Andrews was interviewing Buccaneers linebacker Devin White about his love of horses ahead of the Tampa Bay’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night, and Bradshaw took some time out of the Fox pregame show to compliment Andrews’ country -nspired outfit.

While onscreen for the preshow, Andrews asked “I do want to know how old were you when you first got on top of a horse, first rode one?” Curt Menefee repeated the question for the group, and Bradshaw explained that he started riding when he was 3-years-old before making the comments that drew ire. “You got your cowboy boots on and your shirt,” Bradshaw said to Andrews. “You’re lookin’ good. That was nice. I enjoyed that interview.”

you can hear Terry Bradshaw mentally reading the HR email in real time

The comments drew a lot of opinions on Twitter, with many arguing that Bradshaw’s comment was Innocuous. However, others pointed out that commenting on her looks like that undermined Andrews’ position as a journalist and objectified her in her place of work. “Did anyone hear what Terry Bradshaw said to Erin Andrews?” one Twitter user wrote. “He went straight to how hot she looked in her cowboys boots while she was interviewing Devin White. He just said it out loud on National TV like it was okay.”

Andrews recently opened up to about her firing from Dancing With The Stars, explaining that she was focusing on the NFL season instead of dwelling on the past. “That was a while ago. I mean, where I am is getting ready for football and trying to process how I’m going to be home maybe two days out of the week and see my family and try to get everything done for two games,” she explained. “So, that’s where I am with my life.”


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