Episode 8 of ‘Invasion’: Can Casper REALLY destroy the aliens despite his lack of preparation?


Episode 8 of ‘Invasion’: Can Casper REALLY destroy the aliens despite his lack of preparation?

Casper’s seizures are more than he’s admitting, but may they be the key to killing one of the extraterrestrials?

‘Invasion’ Episode 8 – ‘Contact’ contains spoilers.

Another Friday, and the latest episode of ‘Invasion’ was available on Apple TV(plus). The plodding show finally gets aliens, albeit in small numbers, with humanity and the major characters suffering as a result. Caspar Morrow, a young British child with an aura of mystery about him and who has been suffering silently, is one of the protagonists from whose point of view we observe the events unfold.

After arriving in London, Casper (Billy Barratt) and his buddies split up to go to their own houses, but he and Jamila (India Brown) head to his apartment together. The couple encounters an alien along the way, but manages to stay hidden. However, the boy will receive bad news when he discovers his mother covered in the peculiar black substance that implies an extraterrestrial has been present. Continue reading to find out what occurs next, as well as Casper’s shocking admissions.

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What does ‘Wajo’ signify in ‘Invasion’ Episode 3? Captain Murai’s final words hint at something. Casper, who is perpetually on the verge of having a seizure, shows that there is more to it. After his mother’s death, he finally takes a stance, showing Jamila his drawings of dismal, black settings that resemble pictures he sees in his head. He adds that he had been seeing and hearing things in his thoughts before the aliens arrived, and that he might have stopped them. He says to her, “When it happens (seizure), I see them. It’s as if something is moving behind the darkness. I’ve been running from it for a long time, and suddenly it came here (his house) “.. Casper claims he needs to communicate with it and believes he can because he’s been experiencing it for a long time.

He confesses that this only happens while he’s having a seizure, and devises a strategy to have one on purpose. They depart to travel to a hospital where they may create a protracted seizure that will allow him to establish contact once he declares that he is done with the medicines. Along the way, the two kids meet Trevante (Shamier Anderson), who agrees to assist them in getting to the hospital after Casper’s drawings eerily match images from his troop’s death.

Will Casper be able to ‘kill them all,’ despite the fact that the two set out determined to do so? To begin with, the likelihood of him contacting you. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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