Episode 10 recap: Fan gathering and Creation Mission winners on ‘Girls Planet 999.’


Episode 10 recap: Fan gathering and Creation Mission winners on ‘Girls Planet 999.’

The Creation Mission performances take place after a fan meeting, and the winners are announced.

The ladies are shown gathering gifts for their first fan meeting, named ‘Drive To Planet,’ in Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999’ Episode 10. The sisters performed ‘O.O.O.’ in a contactless drive-thru fan meeting. The MCs were Wen Zhe, Yeseo, and Mashiro. After that, they held a Q&A session. Hsin Wei was questioned about her first opinion of Jingoo, as she had mistakenly labeled him as unattractive.

She corrected her Korean this time and stated he was attractive. Wen Zhe joked that she couldn’t call him ‘oppa’ (elder brother) because they were the same age. Following that, Myah, the youngest participant, was questioned about why she sleeps in other people’s rooms. She claimed she was afraid of sleeping alone. She was then asked to choose her favorite trainee’s room, and she chose Yujin’s. After that, several of the girls gave a performance of mission songs.

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Meeting of fans

Bora was requested to perform a duet with Chaehyun, and she chose IU’s “My Sea.” The females who had performed CLC’s ‘Helicopter’ at the demo stage did it again, this time with Yujin. The crowd adored it when Fu Yaning and Yujin hugged and bantered. ‘Kick It’ was performed by Dayeon and Youngeun. Team Boombayah said before the performance that Hikaru was strict and texted Shana after she botched up the demo stage. Team Ice Cream performed to thank fans for helping them reach 7 million views on their performance video. Team How You Like That gave the final performance.

Mission of Creation

Sunmi’s pink hair drew everyone’s attention as she prepared for her comeback on the day of the Creation Mission. Before the first interim practice, we had a flashback to the girls planning a surprise gathering to honor mentors. They made decorations for them and wrote notes to them. They also crafted bracelets that Jingoo and the mentors wore on the day of the Creation Mission. The mentors stressed that the task was all about innovation because the girls had previously demonstrated their abilities in prior missions. Benefit points will be doubled for the winners.

The first team to perform was Team Shoot. Yujin was the band’s leader and lead singer. During the interim check, the girls were in a state of flux. Hsin Wei, who was previously eccentric, improved, and the end performance was lighthearted and enjoyable. Sunmi and the mentors had the impression that they were a group that had already made their debut.

Next up was Team Utopia. Xiangqiao struggled to dance. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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