‘Energy Book II: Ghost’: According to fans, Tariq has something major up his sleeve before his court date:


Tariq St. Patrick is going to court at last.

The character at the core of Starz’s Power Book II: In the Jan. 3 episode, Ghost will take the stand and apparently confess to the murder of his father, St. Patrick’s James “Ghost”

But some viewers, knowing him and his devious ways, assume that Tariq has something else planned.

Warning: Power Book II: Ghost season 1, episode 9, which aired on December 27, 2020, contains spoilers in this post.

Tariq St. Patrick went scot-free because of his father’s murder.

Fed up with the manipulation of Ghost, in the sixth season of Strength, Tariq murdered him in cold blood by robbing him at gunpoint in his nightclub, Fact. Ultimately, the fall for him was taken by his mother, Tasha St. Patrick, so that Tariq could attend college and inherit the legacy left in the will of his father.

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Power Book II: As he starts his studies at Stansfield University, Ghost follows Tariq.

In order to be able to fund Tasha’s lawyer, Davis Maclean, he started to establish his own drug empire there.

Maclean turns out to be working secretly with federal prosecutor Cooper Saxe to free Tasha and nail Tariq for the murder.

But what he doesn’t know is that the strategy is on Tariq’s side.

Tariq St. Patrick has been summoned to appear before the tribunal.

Saxe subpoenaed Tariq in the Dec. 27 episode to testify at his mother’s trial, knowing that Tariq killed Ghost and could claim something that could later be used against him.

Tariq was prepared to confess all season if it meant that his mother was released from jail. So he agrees with Tameika Washington as his defense attorney and hires him.

In episode 10, which is entitled Heart of Darkness, the two go to trial. Tariq is seen on the witness stand in the trailer for the episode, giving a sly, provocative look to someone in the courtroom.

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Is everything up to Tariq?

A hypothesis circulated on social media in the lead-up to episode 10 is that Tariq will not necessarily confess, but will blame others for her crimes instead.


“Tariq takes everyone down while exposing Saxe & Davis when called to the stand,”Tariq takes everyone down while exposing Saxe & Davis when called to the stand.

A third person posted a photo of Tariq saying, “This MF finna cap out his mind in that courtroom .” making similar statements.

But who knows what is indeed going to happen.

Find out when Power Book II Season Finale: Ghost airs at 8 p.m. on Jan. 3. On Starz ET.

ET when it airs on Starz on January 3.


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