Energy bills: How to avoid being overcharged by knowing your energy meter number – hack


Energy bills: How to avoid being overcharged by knowing your energy meter number – hack

ENERGY BILLS are a significant expense for all homeowners, and some may be overpaying. An expert gave the meter numbers that Britons should be aware of in order to prevent this from happening.

Every month, homeowners must pay their energy bills. Some consumers, on the other hand, could save money on gas and electricity by verifying their meter number.

Knowing your meter numbers, according to energy experts, can help you save a lot of money on your bills.

Knowing how they work could help avoid any misunderstandings and prevent billpayers from paying for energy they are not using.

When an energy company sends the wrong bill to the wrong address, this might happen, and it happens more often than people realize.

Homeowners who know their meters’ unique serial numbers might avoid losing money in the event of a mix-up.

“As part of smart money management, consumers want to keep on top of their payments and routinely search out for the best deals for savings and energy,” said Ben Gallizzi, an energy specialist at

“However, what should you do if your gas or electric company sends you a monthly or quarterly invoice for a large sum that is clearly incorrect?

“There’s no need to panic, but we’d recommend raising this with your energy provider right away to investigate.” There are a variety of reasons why a bill may appear to be excessively high, and the expert recommended bringing it up with the provider right away.

“There could be a problem with the meter, or a reading has been taken wrongly – or you’ve been sent the wrong bill in error,” Ben explained.

“We encourage consumers to Know Their Numbers – memorizing the MPAN and MPRN unique to your electric and gas meters will help give you a head start when attempting to figure out what’s wrong.” Knowing the MPAN and MPRN numbers on meters is the simplest approach to notice a mix up.

Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) is a number that may be found on electricity meters.

It is used to identify the specific electrical supply point and normally consists of 21 numbers, although it can also be 13 digits.

Homeowners can learn out by looking at their bills or looking at the meter itself.

The MPRN stands for Meter Point Reference Number and is used for gas meters.

It usually has six to ten digits and is also known as. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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