Ending: ‘Bruised’ Jackie Justice, played by Halle Berry, is still a heartfelt winner.


Ending: ‘Bruised’ Jackie Justice, played by Halle Berry, is still a heartfelt winner.

The film, directed by Halle Berry, finishes with the message that no matter what difficulty they face, they always have a choice: to rise or to accept their fate.

‘Bruised’ by Halle Berry has a rather obvious finish. The sports drama isn’t complicated because there aren’t any twists and turns or open endings. Berry plays Jackie Justice, a disgraced MMA fighter who has spent time in the jungle, where she encounters unforeseen trials. Jackie’s world is turned upside down when her six-year-old son, Manny (Danny Boyd Jr), shows up on her doorstep. With a guaranteed ten grand for a concert, versus Lady Killer offers a ray of hope in the slugger’s life, but the road ahead is long and winding.

Jackie prepares for the fight with the help of her coach Buddhakan, but the instructions are quite clear. Because Killer is a significantly more athletic and powerful opponent, Jackie’s only hope is to grapple and pin her opponent to the ground. Budhakan falls for Jackie during the course of the film, but she refuses to commit because she wants Manny to have a better life. Jackie and Killer finally face off in the Netflix film, and after some tremendous action, the duo manages to make it past five rounds, with Killer retaining the championship.

Netflix (Netflix) (Brinkwire News) (Netflix) (Netflix 5 things to know about Halle Berry’s directorial debut, ‘Bruised’ While figuring out her sexuality, Halle Berry confesses that she had her first orgasm when she was 11 years old: ‘I did it to myself,’ says the narrator. ‘Bruised’ comes to a close. Jackie, played by Berry, is a warrior. In the last minutes of the film, a battered Buddhakan pays Jackie a visit to congratulate her on her victory. She wounded herself on purpose to show her ward that she didn’t need anyone to win the battle. All of Jackie’s emotions were a war within her, and she had to leap over them in order to have a chance in the ring. Soon after the fight, she goes to her mother’s house to pick up Manny, confessing to him that she wants to be a better mother, and the two embark on an uncertain future when the child eventually says his first words as a show of forgiveness for Jackie.

That’s all there is to it in the end. Halle Berry’s character was a fighter who never gave up in the face of adversity. Sexual assault as a youngster, a troubled connection with her mother, the obstacles of putting her life back together and mending her relationship with Manny, as well as training, demonstrated that she was already a warrior with a lot of heart.

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