End to ‘drunken tourism’ in the Balearics for partying Brits; instead, the islands will concentrate on ‘quality’ tourists.


End to ‘drunken tourism’ in the Balearics for partying Brits; instead, the islands will concentrate on ‘quality’ tourists.

THE RESORT OF Magaluf had a notorious reputation for inebriated behavior and was frequently in the news prior to the pandemic. Party-loving Britons were known to flock to the resort to burn off steam in the area’s numerous nightclubs.

However, the resort’s partying heyday may be over, as the tourist minister of the Balearic Islands has stated that he wants to halt “drunken tourism.” The islands hope to shake their reputation for “excessive drinking” by focusing on “quality” tourism.

The problem of “excess or inebriated tourism,” according to Iago Negueruela, Minister of Tourism for the Balearic Islands, is “tough” to address.

He went on to say that the issue will be one of his “major tasks” for the following tourism seasons, and that he hoped to change the islands’ image.

“If we put photographs in any destination, we would definitely find sophisticated and complicated imagery as well,” Negueruela said of Magaluf’s reputation.

“We will try to ensure that this type of image does not appear again.” Excess tourism is avoided at all costs.” Negueruela also expressed a wish to develop a more sustainable tourism business by focusing on “quality” tourism.

“I believe we should gamble on quality rather than quantity,” he continued, “because we’ve seen that relying on numbers has its own set of problems.”

Excess tourism, according to the Minister, may often lead to intoxicated behavior, and limiting visitor numbers can help the islands develop a more sustainable and peaceful tourism economy.

The islands’ parliament had enacted a decree prohibiting intoxicated behavior in Magaluf and other party districts before the pandemic struck.

Bar crawls and bar promotions that promised limitless alcohol for a certain charge were outlawed under the new regulation.

If tour operators had signed a contract before the decree, all-inclusive resorts could still offer them limitless booze.

‘Party boats’ have also been restricted, with fines of up to half a million pounds for disobeying a decree legislation.

In Ibiza, the decree is in effect in Magaluf, Arenal, and San Antonio’s West End. Because the new regulation was only passed in January 2020, the impact of Covid on international travel has yet to be felt.

On the islands, British tourists are known for their boisterous behavior. Magaluf was notorious for public indecency and street brawls.

The resort even put up street signs warning visitors not to have sex in public. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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