‘Emotionally, I had vanished.’ Suzie Fletcher of The Repair Shop talks about filming after her husband’s death.


‘Emotionally, I had vanished.’ Suzie Fletcher of The Repair Shop talks about filming after her husband’s death.

Suzie Fletcher, star of THE REPAIR SHOP, talked up about the difficulties she had while filming the BBC show after her husband died.

Suzie Fletcher, the leather and saddles expert on The Repair Shop, has amassed quite a following among viewers at home.

She has worked in the equestrian sector for over 40 years due to her passion for the sport. She has just talked up about the difficulties she endured while filming the BBC series after her spouse died of pancreatic cancer.

Suzie joined the show shortly after her husband died, and she relocated to the United Kingdom after 22 years in Colorado.

“Emotionally, physically, mentally, I was gone,” she said of her encounter.

“However, as I listened to the stories of others, I realized I wasn’t alone.”

“You feel like you can say anything here and nobody will condemn you: they’ll throw their arms around you, and this heals my heart,” she told The Telegraph with emotion.

Suzie recently opened out about her childhood passion for horses, which led to a career in saddle making and restoration.

“I’ve always loved horses,” she told Hello!, “and can vividly recall crafting saddles and bridles for my rocking horse and Cindy horse from a very young age.”

“It’s no surprise that I discovered a way to combine my love in design and horses to become a saddle maker, thanks to the influence of my mother, who was very accomplished in designing and creating garments, and my father, who was a watchmaker.”

Suzie also discussed how her brother Steve, who is also a restoration expert, influenced her decision to join the show.

She joined at the start of season two and expressed gratitude to the show for helping her cope with the loss of her husband.

“Every time [Steve] called, he seemed to be having so much fun that I joked, ‘If they need somebody to do leather, I’m your gal,'” Suzie added.

I was joking, but after numerous phone calls and a lot of encouragement from Steve, I decided to give it a shot and joined the team.

“I’m really glad I did since this is one of the most pleasurable things I’ve ever done. It’s also gotten me through some really trying times.” Fans were ecstatic when The Repair Shop returned to BBC One a few weeks ago. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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