Emma Raducanu’s tennis coverage on BBC Breakfast has been slammed by viewers.


Emma Raducanu’s tennis coverage on BBC Breakfast has been slammed by viewers.

Emma Raducanu, the first British woman to reach a major singles final in 44 years, was featured prominently on BBC BREAKFAST on Saturday morning. Some viewers, however, thought the coverage was excessive and that other news should be broadcast.

Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt were back on the red sofa on Saturday’s BBC Breakfast to deliver viewers the latest news updates. The two talked on a variety of things, including the tragic 9/11 attack, which happened 20 years ago today. The majority of the presentation, however, was devoted to tennis and Emma Raducanu, who has advanced to the final of the US Open in New York.

The tennis player is the first qualifier to reach a Grand Slam final, and she will face Leylah Fernandez, a teenager, later on Saturday.

Naga and Charlie not only spoke with sports broadcaster Mike Bushell about the match, but they also spoke with other guests about the tennis player through video.

They also cut to a tennis court in Bristol, where host Fiona Lamdin chatted with a number of aspiring tennis players, all of whom wished Emma success.

Many viewers, on the other hand, thought the coverage was excessive and resorted to social media to express their dissatisfaction.

“I know Emma is amazing, but enough with the hype!” one wrote. #BBCBreakfast.”

“#BBCBreakfast, can we give #EmmaRaducanu a break, this is overkill now!” raged another.

#USOpen #EmmaRaducanu #LeylahFernandez.” (sic)

“#BBCBreakfast why are the BBC obsessed with reporting Emma went to a grammar school?” said a third.

A fourth pointed out, “That’s all we’ve heard about all week.”

“Poor Emma hasn’t even won yet, and #BBCBreakfast are already treating her like a demigod, asking meaningless questions to youngsters and pretty much anyone who would appear on camera,” a fifth viewer commented.

“You can always count on the #BBC to go overboard and make everyone sick with excessive frippery.”

“Can the BBC get anyone else to talk about Emma Radacanu?” Another person sent a tweet. “How about the pilot who flew her to New York? #BBCBreakfast.”

“Whenever I hear a tennis player being interviewed, I lose my desire to live,” said a seventh.

However, not all viewers were dissatisfied with the coverage, as many expressed their support for Emma.

“Great news that Emma Raducanu has passed.” Brinkwire Summary News, wrote one.


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