Emily, Peter Andre’s wife, attacks the ‘awful’ The Prince cartoon while defending the Royal Family.


Emily, Peter Andre’s wife, attacks the ‘awful’ The Prince cartoon while defending the Royal Family.

Emily, Peter André’s wife, has slammed the creators of the cartoon show The Prince, calling it “disrespectful” to the royal.

Comedy that has sparked a lot of debate. The Prince is a film about the Royal Family told through the eyes of an eight-year-old Prince George. The animation has sparked debate on the internet, with many viewers split.

Emily Andre, 31, is one of the show’s detractors, describing it as “awful.”

“I believe we must remember that, despite their celebrity, the royals are human people with real feelings,” she remarked.

“I think it’s cruel to make Prince George, an eight-year-old, the subject of a satirical cartoon.”

The doctor went on to say that she hoped the young Royal never saw the comedy.

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Last month, HBO Max released the show’s trailer.

“The royal tea is piping hot,” they said. a steaming beverage

“In #ThePrince, streaming tomorrow on HBO Max, Prince George spills all about life inside Buckingham Palace.”

Prince George is shown collecting a postcard from a fake Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Los Angeles as part of the presentation.

The king then inquires about the couple’s new abode, which is a far cry from his typical settings in the Palace.

A young George ends the trailer by calling the Queen a “dirty b***h.”

In another segment of the show, the late Prince Philip is depicted as feeble and speaking in nonsensical phrases.

Emily said, “I think the way the Duke of Edinburgh is portrayed is disrespectful.”

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“Maybe it doesn’t feel as ridiculous in America, but a lot of people here are incredibly proud of our royal family, so the comedy may not be as well received,” she wrote in her essay for OK! Magazine.

The mother-of-two isn’t the only public figure who has spoken out against the show.

Alex Beresford of Good Morning Britain took to Twitter to attack the designers.

“Definitely crossed the line here!” he wrote.

“We should never, ever, ever take the p*** out of a youngster, and how cheap it is to drag him into the #HarryandMeghan feud for a chuckle. “NOT AMUSING.”

Other viewers have expressed their opinions on the divisive animation.

“As a family.” Brinkwire Summary News, wrote one.


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