Elvis was smitten by co-star Debra Paget and proposed to her; Priscilla even resembled her.


Elvis was smitten by co-star Debra Paget and proposed to her; Priscilla even resembled her.

Debra Paget, Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender co-star, was considered “the most gorgeous lady he had ever seen.” The King was concerned with finding future co-stars who had “The Debra Paget look,” and Priscilla Beaulieu fashioned herself after her. According to famed director Cecil B DeMille, the talented actress was “touched by the hand of God” and went on to make one of the most provocative films of the 1960s.

Debra Paget has a birthday today. The actress, who turns 88 today, was Elvis Presley’s first movie co-star and laid the groundwork for the rest of his career. Despite the fact that they didn’t kiss on-screen, The King insisted on locking lips for promotional photos. The besotted star proposed to her off-screen, but she was already secretly in love with one of the world’s wealthiest and most famous men. On June 5, Elvis and Debra met for the first time when they both appeared on the Milton Berle Show. It was the moment when the singer’s pelvic gyrations startled conservative America. Berle took advantage of the opportunity to attempt it himself, but Paget subsequently claimed she was too preoccupied with preparing her own routine to notice the singer, although pretending to shout with delight during a scene on the show where they were introduced.

Debra was already a well-known Hollywood actress at the age of 22, having appeared in 19 films. In the same year, she starred in Cecil B DeMille’s Biblical epic The Ten Commandments alongside Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner. The director didn’t put her through a screening because he believed she had been “touched by the hand of God.”

Love Me Tender, on the other hand, was The King’s debut film – and the last time he wore his natural, lighter hair color. The Reno Brothers was the original title, but it was changed after the soundtrack ballad sold over a million copies. In addition, the King’s role was extended. Its success meant that following films would revolve around Elvis and, in most cases, his music, often at the expense of the film and the star’s acting ability.

Debra subsequently stated, as did many of Elvis’ co-stars, that he could have been a very good actor if he had been given meatier roles.

She, too, was sought by him, just like so many of his co-stars. But she was the first, according to the “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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