Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock: How did Judy Tyler, Elvis’ co-star, die?


Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock: How did Judy Tyler, Elvis’ co-star, die?

ELVIS PRESLEY co-starred in Jailhouse Rock with Judy Tyler, who died before the film’s release, but how did she pass away?

Jailhouse Rock, released in 1957, is undoubtedly one of Elvis Presley’s most well-known films. The King portrayed Vince Everett, a musician who was sentenced to prison for manslaughter before rising to prominence. Judy Tyler, who played Peggy Van Alden, a music publicist who later becomes his lover, was his co-star.

Judy Tyler died on July 3, 1957, just a few months before the film’s release.

The 24-year-old and her second husband, Gregory Lafayette, drove back to New York from Hollywood shortly after wrapping on Jailhouse Rock.

However, the young couple was killed in an automobile accident on US Route 287 near Rock River while going through Wyoming.

Judy died suddenly, but her husband, who was about her age, perished the next day.

Judy only appeared in one other film, Bop Girl Goes Calypso, which was also released in 1957.

The news of her death shocked Elvis, and he first refused to view Jailhouse Rock at the time.

“Nothing in my life has harmed me as badly as this,” the King told a reporter.

“I recall seeing them the last time I saw them. They were about to embark on a journey. “I can even recall what she was wearing.”

“All of us boys adored that girl,” Elvis continued. She was really important to all of us.

“I don’t think I can bear seeing the movie we made together right now,” she says.

Judy’s death “seriously hurt him,” according to Memphis Mafia member Lamar Fike.

“He broke down and cried,” a friend of the King recalled. Elvis couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

“He told the Commercial Appeal in an interview that he didn’t think he could ever watch the movie,” Lamar continued. And at the time, he meant it.”

However, the Memphis Mafia member stated that Elvis was “over it” within 36 hours and watched Jailhouse Rock.

Elvis was invited to Judy’s funeral, but declined because he didn’t want to “make a commotion.” Instead, he wrote a letter of condolence to her family.

The King did not attend the premiere of Jailhouse Rock in Memphis on October 17, 1957.


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