Elvis Presley’s father, Vernon, fought back tears in a devastating video farewell to fans following the star’s death.


Elvis Presley’s father, Vernon, fought back tears in a devastating video farewell to fans following the star’s death.

Just days after his son’s death, ELVIS PRESLEY’S devastated father Vernon battled tears to send a lovely letter to fans and revealed the last-ever recorded footage of The King in concert. You may see it in its entirety below.

He had been preparing for a televised musical special just weeks before his tragic demise. Vernon had also taped a special interview that will be shown on the show. Nobody could have predicted what happened on August 16, 1977. Commentators may have thought Elvis Presley’s reputation had waned in recent years, but the world’s outpouring of sadness quickly demonstrated how enduring The King’s impact would be. Vernon went on TV to deliver a special message to his son’s dedicated followers as condolences, letters, and gifts flowed into Graceland. The flowers from the funeral were also delivered to admirers the morning following the service. Over 50,000 people showed there to see one last keepsake of their idol. BELOW YOU CAN WATCH THE COMPLETE TELEVISED CONCERT AS WELL AS VERNON’S MESSAGE.

The message was broadcast as part of an ABC broadcast of Elvis Presley’s final live performance recordings, which were filmed in June of that year. Elvis was scheduled to fly back out on tour the day before he died.

A scene with Vernon, shot earlier that year, appears near the close of the show, in which he discusses his son’s early upbringing, his start in the profession, and his relationship with manager Colonel Parker.

The legendary message “Elvis has now left the rebuilding” is shown at the end of Elvis’ farewell concert. Nobody could have predicted how quickly that would be the case.

The show concludes with a fresh recording of Vernon at his Graceland office, bereft. Inside Graceland, he’s standing in front of a framed photograph of Elvis Presley, surrounded by massive stacks of fan mail.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the cards and messages that you have sent since the passing away of my son, Elvis,” Vernon adds, visibly fighting to keep his emotions and breathing under control. We have all of the flowers, notes, and cards, which we will, for the most part, respond to in the near future.

“I just wanted you to know how much we value them, and how much we value you.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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