Elvis Presley’s death was caused by something you might not expect: his terrible hidden health battle.


Elvis Presley’s death was caused by something you might not expect: his terrible hidden health battle.

ELVIS PRESLEY was destined to die young, but not as a result of drugs. In a new book, the King’s secret health battles from birth are revealed, shattering the usual image of a star in self-inflicted decline. Instead, he dedicated his life to surviving.

Everyone believes they know how Elvis Presley died. On August 16, 1977, the world’s biggest entertainer was discovered in his bathtub at Graceland and proclaimed dead at Memphis Baptist Memorial Hospital. His autopsy was officially hidden for fifty years, but his cause of death was determined to be heart failure, which was compounded by constipation brought on by years of severe prescription drug use. Author Sally Hoedel challenges accepted truths in her new book, Elvis: Destined To Die Young, and provides compelling and comprehensive medical and family reasons why.

Elvis Presley didn’t only pass away two days after the anniversary of his beloved mother Glady’s death on August 14, 1958; he was 42 years old when she passed away at the age of 46, and they both died of a heart-related illness. In addition, three of the star’s uncles died in their forties and early fifties from heart, renal, and liver problems.

“I felt like there had to be a correlation there because they weren’t both on the same prescription drug, and why does he have all these incredibly geriatric problems at such a young age with glaucoma, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and other things like that?” Hoedel said.

Hoedel does not deny that Elvis’ abusing prescription pharmaceuticals caused him harm, but her research shows that this was secondary to the fact that he died with disorders in nine of the body’s eleven organ systems – five of which had been present from birth.

“His health difficulties were various, but he covered them so well that over-medication is all we remember now,” she claimed in a new interview. It had become an issue, but why had he taken them in the first place?

“One of the reasons Elvis turned to the medicine was pain,” Hoedel continued. He drank too much at times, but he was self-medicating in the hopes of becoming Elvis Presley.”

“Just from what we knew, I was able to establish a pretty solid case for all the ailments he had.”Brinkwire Summary News”, the author told Express Online earlier this year.


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