Elvis Presley kept a scrapbook of unexpected memories hidden from the public eye.


Elvis Presley kept a scrapbook of unexpected memories hidden in his closet.

ELVIS PRESLEY once admitted to keeping a scrapbook of press clippings about him behind the scenes, but it wasn’t full of the nice things people said about him; instead, he used it to improve his performance.

Elvis Presley was quickly becoming one of the most popular performers in the United States in the late 1950s. Before he achieved global fame, he had a steadily growing fanbase eager to learn everything there was to know about him.

Elvis responded to a number of frequently asked questions in a fan magazine to quell their desires.

Elvis wrote to his legions of fans in the Elvis Answers Back Magazine on August 28, 1956, to dispel some rumors about him.

During the interview, he revealed that he kept a secret scrapbook with newspaper and article clippings from all of his previous jobs.

His selection of clippings, on the other hand, revealed a lot about the singer.

“I keep a scrapbook of a lot of the stuff that’s printed about me,” he wrote.

But here’s a secret: I don’t save articles or stories about myself that are flattering.

“I only have unfriendly stuff in my scrapbook.”

(via elvis.com.au) “I’ll tell you why that is.”

“When I first started out, my mother wanted to save all the programs, pictures, and articles that everyone put in the newspapers and magazines,” Elvis continued.

I wasn’t interested in doing this because I was too busy singing, working, and learning to stop in the middle of something and start cutting out pictures and things.

“Momma, on the other hand, bought her a big green scrapbook and asked me to send her things whenever I had a chance.

Except for a couple of clippings she got from the Memphis papers, I didn’t send her anything for the first year or so, and the scrapbook was nearly empty.”

After a while, the 21-year-old Elvis explained that he came across an article about how bad he was at live singing.

He tore out the article and emailed it to his mother.

But she replied that he didn’t want “things like that” in his scrapbook.

His response astounded me.

“Anyone can,” Elvis replied in a letter to his mother.

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