Elvis ‘hatred’ John Lennon and would ‘fly into a frenzy’ whenever the Beatles frontman’s name was mentioned.


Elvis ‘hatred’ John Lennon and would ‘fly into a frenzy’ whenever the Beatles frontman’s name was mentioned.

ELVIS PRESLEY “hated” John Lennon and would never forgive him for their first encounter. The King even formed a friendship with Tom Jones as a result of their shared experiences with the Beatles’ success, and they cracked a brilliant joke when the Fab Four broke up.

They were two of the most famous musicians in the world’s history. They only met once, at Lennon’s request, and it ended horribly, with both parties upset. Elvis, on the other hand, felt humiliated and disrespected. He never forgot his rage and would erupt in rage even if the Beatles legend was mentioned. He even went to the President of the United States to request that John Lennon be expelled from the nation. Tom Jones described how The King was impressed by his personal run-in with a fellow Brit.

Even though the Beatles were the biggest band in the world when they met Elvis, they still idolized him like everyone else. When the band was on tour in the United States, Lennon pressured their managers and agents to arrange a meeting.

On August 28, 1965, it finally happened, thanks to journalist and publicist Chris Hutchins, but it all went tragically wrong, and The King never forgave or forgot. When John Lennon’s name was mentioned, he would “go into a passion.”

When they both had performances in Las Vegas a few years later, Elvis and Tom Jones became fast friends. He was overjoyed by the Welsh star’s recall of almost hitting John Lennon the first time they met.

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When Lennon’s name was brought up, Hutchins, who was Jones’ PR at the time, stated, “He should’ve been expelled out of the States long ago.”

“I had a run-in with him myself,” Jones responded. At a TV studio in England, where we were appearing on the show Thank Your Lucky Stars, he made a witty remark. I wanted to take him outside and test how well he could hide his intelligence.”

“For the first time that night, Elvis smiled,” Hutchins recounted. Tom was speaking in his dialect.”

When The Beatles officially disbanded in 1970, both Elvis and Jones reappeared. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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