Elvis: Did the King and his lover Linda have children? What are the names of her two famous sons?


Elvis: Did the King and his lover Linda have children? What are the names of her two famous sons?

Linda Thompson, Elvis Presley’s girlfriend, has an astonishing connection to the Kardashians. You may not have noticed, but her two boys were on the show frequently and went on to become reality stars in their own right.

Despite the fact that The King was dating Ginger Alden at the time of his death, they had only been together for seven or eight months. Elvis’ last long-term girlfriend was Linda. After four years together, they broke up in December 1976, and many in the family and Memphis Mafia had anticipated them to marry. Elvis’ nephew Billy Smith reportedly recalled how Linda cared after Elvis and how the star once said, “If I date somebody else for a time and Linda is gone for a while, if I ever phone her and say I need her, she’ll be there.” The former beauty queen went on to have a long and successful career as a singer, as well as marrying two other well-known men. Linda continues to grace red carpets in her own way, frequently joined by her attractive and well-known sons.

On July 6, 1972, Elvis and Linda met at a special late-night movie screening to which the star had invited friends and, as is customary, gorgeous girls. Linda’s brother was a bogyguard for The King at the time, but she was also Miss Tennessee Universe. Miss Rhode Island, Jeannie Lamay, accompanied her.

Elvis approached Linda right away, according to Linda: “He sat next to me and started pulling the old ‘yawn and putting the hand around the seat…’” When he began nuzzling me, I said, “Jeanie, we have to leave.”

“And he added, ‘You know I’m not married anymore, honey…’

I’ve been separated since January, and my marriage is ending. She’s moved on after meeting someone else.’ “I’m sorry to hear that,” I remarked, “but you should have married a Southern girl.”

Elvis Presley and Linda Ronstadt were married till the end of 1976. Linda was thought to be a calming influence, but she eventually gave up waiting for the star to calm down.

“She was there for him,” Billy Smith added. They parted as friends when they split up. I believe she adored him, and I know he adored her.”

Linda had two kids from her former marriage to world-famous athlete and Hollywood celebrity Bruce Jenner, but the couple did not have any children together.

Linda first met Olympic in 1980. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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