Elly Conway returns in a Chloe Brennan wedding twist in Neighbours?


Elly Conway returns in a Chloe Brennan wedding twist in Neighbours?

Elly Conway, a NEIGHBOURS fave, could be set to return to Ramsay Street, with Chloe Brennan reportedly ready to walk down the aisle for the second time on the Channel 5 soap.

Elly (Jodi Anasta) hasn’t appeared on Neighbours in over a year, since she and her daughter, Shaun Watkins (Brad Moller), decided to leave Ramsay Street.

Her auntie Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) and ex-girlfriend Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) still live in Erinsborough, which has been mentioned a few times.

Elly could make a comeback to upset the applecart as the latter begins a second relationship with onoff lover Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes).

Could this be the happy ending fans of the Channel 5 soap have been waiting for, with Chelly and her family finally reunited?

Elly was ready to put her past behind her and start a new life with Shaun and their daughter when she moved to Switzerland from Australia.

She made sure, however, that she and Chloe would remain best friends and keep in touch while she was away.

The troublesome Brennan sister was married to Pierce Greyson (Don Hany) at the time, so she had no intention of rekindling her relationship with her ex-girlfriend.

Chloe’s decision to end the relationship and for Shaun to swoop in and whisk the mother of his child away was based on the prospect of raising a child with Elly.

However, their relationship on the other side of the world may have suffered a major setback over the last year and a half.

Elly could return, knowing her true love is Chloe, and believe there is a chance they can reconcile now that the beloved character is divorced from Pierce.

When she returns to Ramsay Street, she might be surprised to see her ex-girlfriend planning her wedding.

On Neighbours, Chloe and Nicolette have had a tumultuous time recently, with the latter believing something happened between her former lover and Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano).

The couple will end up in a passionate embrace in scenes that will air next week, indicating that they are ready to move forward as a couple.

It may not be long until the wedding.

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