Ellen Pompeo Says the Original Cast of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Has a Bond, ‘We Went Through Something’.


Ellen Pompeo Says the Original Cast of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Has a Bond, ‘We Went Through Something’.

Grey’s Anatomy has evolved significantly throughout the years.

Ellen Pompeo discussed the strong kinship that the original cast members maintain, as well as what they went through together.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ used to have a terrible work climate, according to Ellen Pompeo.Anatomy’: ‘Grey’s Why One of the Original Cast Members Enjoys Rewatching the Pilot: ‘That’s Her Self-Portrait’ Grey’s Anatomy first aired in 2005. Pompeo later stated that things on the set weren’t always so pleasant.

“There were a lot of them. It’s funny: in the year that I was allowed to get off the bus, I never wanted to get off.

“We had significant culture issues, extremely terrible behavior, and a pretty toxic work atmosphere for the first ten years,” Pompeo stated on Actors on Actors. “However, once I had children, it was no longer about me.” I need to support my family.” Pompeo later discussed the need for a change in the workplace. “After ten years of stress, it became my objective to have an experience there that I could be joyful and proud of,” she added. “My aim became, ‘This can’t be fantastic in front of the public while being a mess behind the scenes.'” Shonda Rhimes and I decided to change the story’s ending.

That is what has kept me going.”

The original cast, according to Ellen Pompeo, has a kinship because “we went through something.”

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In Season 18, Pompeo addressed Addison’s (Kate Walsh) comeback. She spoke with Daily Pop about her relationship with the original cast members in a different way than other actresses.

“On set, Kate is the funniest person,” Pompeo added. “I mean, she’s so much fun, and we all have such a wonderful bond, as you know from the original cast.” We went through something that only a few people can comprehend.” “And to watch all of that hard work, and all of that crazy,” she said, “becoming famous so soon and the show being such a big deal.” “It’s quite moving to come together again and see that the show is still on the air, to know that our work has made such an impact.” Kate and I may have shed a tear. We may have exchanged a few hugs and tears.” The majority of the original cast has left.

However, Pompeo, Chandra Wilson (Dr. Miranda Bailey), and James Pickens Jr. (Dr. Richard Webber) are still on the case… News from Brinkwire Entertainment in a nutshell.


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