Elizabeth Taylor delivered a 5,000 pound mammal to Michael Jackson as a gift.


One of the best things in the world is undoubtedly friendship, and Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor will probably agree. One of the most interesting and dedicated partnerships was between Jackson, the famous pop singer, and Taylor, the iconic Hollywood star.

The book Elizabeth and Michael: The Queen of Hollywood and the King of Pop – A Love Story was published by Donna Bogle recently, and the book recounts the specifics and elegance behind the unexpected marriage.

The two celebrities’ elevated profile became the base of a relationship that would flourish for over two decades.

Take a look back at how the two met and how Taylor gave her best friend an outlandish present.

How did they become friends with Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson?

His relationship with Taylor was nothing less than fate, according to Jackson.

The author of The Queen of Hollywood and the King of Pop-A Love Story, Elizabeth and Michael, recalled the fateful days leading up to their first meeting.

Taylor’s legendary acting career had propelled her into the public eye by that point, as had Jackson.

At the same time, the famous actress was grieving the death of her husband and the love of her life, Richard Burton.

Luckily, Jackson was only waiting to move in and try and fill her life’s hole.

For Elizabeth Taylor’s 8th birthday, Michael Jackson charged the bulk of the $1.5 million payment.

The pop star excitedly asked Taylor to join his Victory Tour in the summer of 1984. The actor, however, chose to quit when the box, seats and view were not to Taylor’s liking. Jackson was beside himself, asking for forgiveness from the star, and ironically, the rest was history then.

The two immediately fell in love with one another.

Taylor invited Jackson for tea on one of their first and most popular dates, and he also brought Bubbles, his chimpanzee.

The date drew a lot of publicity and was expected to be the first of many.

What were some of the most unforgettable moments in Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson’s friendship?

At a young age, both celebrities could relate to the hardships that come with success, but at a much deeper level, the pair bonded over concerns such as the difficulties that come with growing up with an abusive parent and problematic medical problems.

Taylor and Jackson bonded over several things, and only one of them was their rough childhood.

Tea dates led to movie dates, which culminated in hookups in the marathon. The two were inseparable in no time, and their love for each other was very apparent.

Even though they did not say it out loud, as they always did, the gift-giving tendencies of Taylor and Jackson spoke volumes.

As their bizarre relationship began to flourish, the world watched in awe and wonder. “Only some of the presents Jackson gave his “beast” are ruby-studded watches, diamond necklaces and bracelets, and a 17-carat diamond ring. In 1991, he also hosted and paid for Taylor’s $1.5 million wedding, but the gifts were certainly not one-sided.

Elizabeth Taylor once gave a 5,000-pound elephant to Michael Jackson as a present.

Both Taylor and Jackson knew what living luxuriously meant.

The legendary singer undoubtedly had a reputation for his lavish gifts, but he was not alone at all.

Taylor once sent Jackson from Asia to his birthplace, Neverland Ranch in California, with a 5,000-pound elephant.

The elephant was called Gypsy and was a testament to the love of animals among friends.

Unfortunately, as many of their fans already know, their fun-loving relationship ended in 2009 when Jackson died suddenly, but their special tale is still very much alive.


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