Eiri Peaty, Adam Peaty’s girlfriend, lashes out at the Strictly Come Dancing star for ‘exposing’ her in a birthday photo.


Eiri Peaty, Adam Peaty’s girlfriend, retaliates after the Strictly Come Dancing star ‘exposed’ her in a birthday photo.

Adam Peaty, the star of STRICTLY COME DANCING 2021, was scolded by his girlfriend Eiri Munro after she jokingly accused him of “exposing” her in an Instagram birthday post.

On Instagram today, Olympic swimmer Adam Peaty, 27, wished his girlfriend and mother of his child a happy birthday.

Eiri Munro, 24, joked that Adam had revealed her “true identity” in response to the photos with mock anguish.

Adam Peaty, who used to be on Strictly Come Dancing, took to social media today to wish Eiri a happy 24th birthday.

The star’s 593,000 Instagram followers were treated to a slew of photos of his stunning girlfriend.

But first, he shared a photo of the artist who wasn’t quite as glammed up, as she was photographed fresh-faced and wearing a pair of translucent specs.

“Happy birthday @EiriMunro,” he wrote alongside a photo of his pouting girlfriend.

With a heart emoji, he added, “You are the best mum George could ever ask for.”

Eiri re-posted the photo with the caption “Thanks for exposing my true identity,” as well as crying and laughing emojis.

Apart from making fun of his partner, Adam also included a number of stunning photos of Eiri, ensuring that he regained some boyfriend brownie points.

Eiri wore a stylish tight black dress with ruffled sleeves in one photo, which she accessorized with a couple of gold necklaces.

Eiri was seen in the next photo posing with the couple’s baby son George, whom they welcomed back in 2020.

Eiri is dressed in a long, elegant black dress with heeled ankle boots in the photo.

The proud mother can be seen proudly holding her child while the two exchange happy smiles.

The Welsh beauty can be seen in the next photo wearing a short white dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves and a pair of dazzling square shaped gold earrings.

Eiri can be seen posing in the countryside in shorts and a cropped T-shirt, showing off her enviably long legs and tiny tummy in Adam’s most recent photo.

Adam captioned the photo with a laughing emoji, “As if you’re 18 weeks pregnant in this.”

Adam met his long-term girlfriend Eirianedd Munro at Loughborough University, where she was also a student.

On July 19, 2021, Eiri received her BA in Fine Art, while Adam was already in Tokyo.

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