Eileen rejects George’s proposition about the Phelan link on Coronation Street?


Eileen rejects George’s proposition about the Phelan link on Coronation Street?

Despite their obvious affections for each other, George Shuttleworth of CORONATION STREET has struggled to sustain a healthy connection with Eileen Grimshaw. They appear to have a love-hate relationship, and they’re about to face more challenges next week.

Recently, George (Tony Maudsley) of Coronation Street disclosed to Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) that he had been keeping the ashes of Pat Phelan, a murderer and former partner of Eileen (Sue Cleaver) (Connor McIntyre). When Todd saw the urn, he tried to get George to throw it away before Eileen found out. Even though he declined, he didn’t tell Eileen the truth about it. Official ITV soap spoilers reveal that the cobbles’ favourite will learn about the hidden link between her old wicked partner and her potential new love interest next week, and she will be furious. Could George propose to Eileen after urging her to give their love another chance, despite the many challenges they’ve faced?

Todd lies to Eileen about the ashes in later scenes, informing her that they belong to an old woman named Patsy who has no living relatives.

Eileen prepares a touching eulogy for the “unknown woman,” making George feel awful.

Todd tried to hide his immediate reaction from Eileen when he saw the ashes at work with George.

“Why have you got Pat Phelan’s ashes?” he demanded angrily as she walked away.

“No wonder your storeroom was cold,” he added.

“I’m not a believer in ghosts, but if there’s one person who’s likely to reap a spectral retribution, it’s Pat Phelan.”

“Look, I wrote to his daughter Nicola and she didn’t respond,” George explained.

“I keep meaning to call Eileen, but there’s never a convenient time.”

Todd remarked, “Too right.” “She’d flip!” exclaims the narrator.

Before Todd pointed out that the ashes couldn’t stay in the store room indefinitely, George responded, “That’s my fear.”

George added, “There’s no need for her to find out,” which Todd agreed with.

He shouted, “You’re going to get rid of them.” Todd threatened to flush the ashes down the toilet if George refused.

George persuaded him not to, claiming that all human remains are worthy of respect.

Before starting his crime spree, Evil Pat married Eileen in 2016.

He set up a phony real estate business, kidnapped Andy Carver (Oliver Farnworth), and published “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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