Edward Scissorhands was compared by Tim Burton to Sweeney Todd: the biggest difference between the Johnny Depp characters


The man behind many of the most memorable eccentrics of Johnny Depp was Tim Burton – Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Willy Wonka, and more. But two of Depp’s Burton-ized characters are associated with sharp blades very closely.

To make sculpture, Edward uses his scissor-like hands – in gardens and on heads.

The other – Sweeney – uses conventional razors to split throats and shape men into meals.

Although Sweeney and Edward can boast of their abilities with sharp objects from Stephen Sondheim, there is not much that connects the two characters outside of physical space.

Burton addressed Sweeney Todd in an interview with Female: The Fleet Street Demon Barber and Edward Scissorhands, noting that the two men vary in their characteristics.

Todd and Edward see the world from multiple angles outside of the “sharp instruments” angle.

Burton clarified that his characters are not alike, speaking about the link between the two projects – which have a 17-year difference. One of them is a bit brooding and darker than the other.

Posted by Burton:

“I think for me it’s just the fact that we made this movie and we made this movie and we’re not lost on the sharp instrument angle, but the thing that’s different about this character that I love is that we made this a long time ago and I was certainly more optimistic about where this character is portrayed, where now the Sweeney character is more internalized, a darker character that I love. ”

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Burton clarified that it was a real treat to watch Depp portray both characters:

“Watching Johnny do those two things was really amazing to me because I think that character for me is one of my favorite characters that he’s played, just because I love the inner brooding quality of the character, and when you put that together with him singing, it’s just an amazing new thing for me.”

Edward was more innocent than the other men he played for Burton, Johnny Depp explained,

Depp agreed with the evaluation by Burton, adding comparisons between Sleepy Hollow’s Todd, Edward and Ichabod Crane.

Depp replied:

Compared to Scissorhands? No. I assume the parallels between Scissorhands or even Sleepy Hollow and Ichabod Crane are that, as he said, the characters exist so much in their own heads.

A little more innocent was Edward. I think there was only one moment when Edward got upset, said Depp.

While Sweeney and Edward both have a fascination for sharp objects, through an innocent, caring, and often naive lens, Edward views the world; Todd was beaten down by life and withdrew into cynicism and emptiness.


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