Eddie Lucas aided Captain Lee following a “terrible event,” according to the Below Deck leader.


Eddie Lucas aided Captain Lee following a “terrible event,” according to the Below Deck leader.

Courtland Cox, executive producer of BELOW DECK, has revealed how newly promoted first officer Eddie Lucas assisted Captain Lee Rosbach following his son’s sad death.

Captain Lee will not return to My Seanna until the ninth season of the popular reality show Below Deck, which will air later this year. Eddie Lucas and EP Courtland Cox discuss how their relationship will change over the course of the next charter, ahead of the show’s projected return to Bravo.

Following the death of the Captain’s son, Joshua, in 2019, Eddie Lucas offered Below Deck’s Lee Rosbach some much-needed support.

During a recent interview with Vanity Fair previewing the next charter, series producer Courtland Cox shared more about their blossoming bond.

Rosbach won’t be on board for the first part of the journey, but Cox said the first officer’s bond with the captain was strengthened when he returned.

She continued by saying, “On the heels of this tremendously horrific catastrophe that Lee and [his wife]Mary Anne suffered.”

“Having someone familiar like Eddie return, especially since he has been like a son to Lee, it became this incredible but terrible coincidence.

“Seeing what Lee went through and how much Eddie meant to him puts it all into perspective—how you’re crafting a TV show with genuine human stakes.”

Eddie began the series as a poor deckhand, but he was quickly elevated to ship’s bosun, indicating that he was certainly destined for greatness.

Captain Lee promoted Eddie to first officer, and the eighth season of Below Deck closed with an emotional scene between the two.

Their connection has definitely grown stronger over the series, and it was especially heartbreaking during the last charter.

Captain Lee’s first cruise after his son’s death at the age of 42 was aboard My Seanna in season eight.

Rosbach confirmed the news in an Instagram post detailing Joshua’s addiction struggles.

“Despite his troubles, we loved Josh completely and were proud of the guy he had become,” he wrote.


“I’ve never met somebody who devoted more of themselves to the people in his life than he did. He loved with all of his heart and soul, and he didn’t demand anything in return.”

Throughout the “Brinkwire Summary News,” Bosun Eddie Lucas was a reassuring presence for Rosbach.


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