Eddie Fisher and Elizabeth Taylor are questioned by Debbie Reynolds as they were “obviously in bed together”


For decades, Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor have been close friends.

When they were both young, the actors met, and as they reached adulthood, their relationship grew. Reynolds and Taylor, however, quickly became a love triangle that also included Eddie Fisher, the husband of Reynolds.

Reynolds confronted Fisher about his affair with Taylor prior to their divorce.

In 1955, Debbie Reynolds married Eddie Fisher.

In 1952, Reynolds and Fisher had their first date.

They were both Hollywood darlings at the time.

Fisher’s success was equivalent to Frank Sinatra’s, according to The Daily Mail. Reynolds was a multi-talented actress with films like Singin in the Rain and The Tender Trap that achieved tremendous popularity in the 1950s.

Debbie Reynolds was the last to know “It shook me up.” about Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher’s affair.

Reynolds and Fisher started a whirlwind romance shortly after they met. Fisher would mention Reynolds while on stage and refer to her as his “princess.” Although they seemed to have the ideal relationship, the couple was embraced by not everyone in their lives. Her “The Tender Trap” co-star Sinatra warned her not to marry Fisher, Reynolds told People in 2015.

She said, “He said, ‘Oh, don’t marry Eddie,'” He told me not to marry a singer. ‘We’re not trustworthy. It’s ridiculous to take it on for you.’

Not surprisingly, Reynolds was surprised to hear her beautiful Sinatra’s opinion. She didn’t believe that Fisher was going to hurt her and told Sinatra that they were getting married.

I said, ‘Why? Why? I don’t think I’m going to listen to you; I think he’s very lovely,” she recalled. “My mother thought he was lovely.

Eddie Fisher called Debbie Reynolds when he was with Elizabeth Taylor in bed.

Despite Sinatra’s reservations, on September 26, 1955, Reynolds and Fisher said yes.

The couple welcomed their first child together the following October, Carrie Fisher.

They also had a son, Todd Fisher, in 1958.

Todd was named by Fisher after his best friend, and the third husband of Taylor, Mike Todd.

The brother of Carrie Fisher said Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher had been “slandered” during their marriage.

Shortly after their son was born together, Todd, Fisher’s boyfriend, was killed in a plane crash.

The news shook both the families of Taylor and Reynolds.

Taylor finally confided in Fisher to assist her through her grief.

Reynolds thought nothing about Taylor spending extra time with her husband for a while. Reynolds soon figured out, though, that Taylor and Fisher were having an affair. She told the Daily Mail that while she was with Taylor in New York, she wanted to ask Fisher about it.

Suddenly,” she said, “a lot of things clicked. ” I could hear her voice asking him who was calling – clearly they were together in bed. I screamed at him, ‘Turn around, darling, and let me talk to Elizabeth.’

Eddie Fisher’s Debbie Reynolds ‘warned’ about Elizabeth Taylor

Insights into the complex relationship of Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor: https://t.co/dqVufVT29z pic.twitter.com/2NPIi7B8hz- E! News (@enews) December 30, 2016 Why she once compared Debbie Reynolds to Jennifer Aniston.

The singer admitted to his affair with Fisher when Fisher returned from New York. He had not only broken his marriage vows with Reynolds, but he wanted a divorce as well. She warned Fisher that he was making a mistake if he left her and her family, Reynolds said.

“If you marry her, she’ll kick you out within 18 months,” Reynolds told Fisher.

Reynolds proved to be right about the marriage of Taylor and Fisher.

Taylor divorced Fisher in 1959, even though it lasted less than 18 months. Nine days later, she married Richard Burton, her Cleopatra co-star.

Reynolds added, “And Elizabeth got rid of him, just as I warned her she would,”


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