Ed Balls explains why he was hesitant to include his mother’s dementia battle in his new show by saying, “I was worried.”


Ed Balls explains why he was hesitant to include his mother’s dementia battle in his new show: ‘I was worried.’

ED BALLS said he was hesitant to include his dementia-stricken mother Carolyn in his new BBC2 documentary because he was afraid she wouldn’t recognize him.

Ed Balls, 54, admitted he was “worried” about including his 83-year-old mother Carolyn in his new BBC2 documentary on the care sector’s current crisis.

Before spending two weeks filming in Scarborough to highlight the ongoing issues in adult social care, the former Secretary of State for Families was put through all of the necessary training.

I was hesitant to bring the cameras with me when I went to see my mother.

Ed Balls is a British politician.

It was a “searing” experience for him, and one he won’t soon forget.

While the touching two-part series will highlight the importance of supporting these underfunded sectors, Ed admitted that he was initially hesitant to include his mother, who is also in a care facility, in the show.

Carolyn has had dementia for the past 15 years.

She is currently being cared for at a facility in Norwich.

Ed explained his reluctance in a new interview.

“I was worried about bringing the cameras with me to see mum because she might not have known who I was,” he sighed.

“When I go, I look for moments of recognition and a smile, but that doesn’t happen very often.”

And, with Covid rife through care homes across the country during the peak of the pandemic, he was shaken with concern when he learned that many people on her dementia wing had tragically died.

He told Radio Times that “the nature of dementia as a disease is that there is a progressive grieving for what is lost over the years.”

“It’s not something you have to deal with every day; it just happens.”

“Every time, I lament what I’ve lost.”

Despite Carolyn’s predicament, the ex-minister stated that she is “happy and healthier” since moving into the house.

However, he still feels bad about having to put her there.

“You feel guilty for doing it and for waiting so long,” he explained.

Ed also admitted that not doing more for social care while he was there was a mistake.

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