‘Easy questions’ enrage Tipping Point viewers, who tell ITV to ‘f*** off.’


Tipping Point viewers were left fuming over a ‘p***-easy question’ which was asked as the tie breaker during a sudden death round on Friday’s episode of the ITV quiz show

Tipping Point viewers have raged over the show’s “easy questions” as they told ITV to “f*** off”.

The daytime quiz show aired an early and dramatic sudden death elimination during its first round on Friday but viewers weren’t best pleased with the “easy” question chosen as the tie-breaker.

Host Ben Shephard asked contestants Nic and Luke: “What number must be added to six to make a total of 10?”

Nic answered with “four” first and correctly, meaning Luke was eliminated from the competition.

Following his exit, Tipping Point viewers took to Twitter to bemoan the “p***-easy question'” and rant at ITV.

One disgruntled viewer wrote: “REALLY? THAT’S A F***ING QUESTION?”

Another commented: “Ffs. There’s a reason why I stopped watching this.”

A third viewer replied: “What number must be added to 6 to make a total of 10?” F*** OFF ITV!!”

“And people think that the Chasers get piss-easy questions,” another viewer concluded.

Despite facing elimination in the first round, Nic made a decent comeback effort and ended up in the final two contestants alongside Brummie contestant Keesha.

After storming into the lead, she later succeeded in becoming the last player standing.

In a tense final round, Nic then attempted to win the jackpot in a sure-footed solo effort.

In spit of her attempts to go for the jackpot, Nic ultimately decided to leave the game with impressive total winnings of £,2950.

Nic had revealed earlier in the show that she would spend the money to go and visit her sister in California for the first time in years.

The easy sudden death question follows viewers of yesterday’s show being left short-tempered with regards to an easy question about feet.

Tipping Point airs at 4pm on weekdays on ITV.

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