EastEnders will endure double heartbreak as Billy’s health deteriorates and Jay and Honey part ways?


EastEnders will endure double heartbreak as Billy’s health deteriorates and Jay and Honey part ways?

Fans of the Eastenders may be in for a double dose of grief when Jay Brown splits from Honey Mitchell after realizing Billy Mitchell requires his assistance.

When Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) found out that Jay Brown (Jamie Northwick) had started a relationship with Honey Mitchell, he stopped speaking to him (Emma Barton). The three is now on good terms, but if Jay feels Billy is suffering from a health problem, he may opt to put his affections for Honey aside and concentrate on the guy who nurtured him like a son.

Jay pondered on the demise of his relationship with Billy in tonight’s episode of EastEnders, which can be seen on BBC iPlayer.

Honey was focused on assisting Suki Panesar (Bavindar Sopal) in the aftermath of her son’s death, so she asked Jay to have Billy bring Janet Mitchell’s (Grace) modeling contract to her.

“Business looks good,” Jay said as he approached Billy’s stall.

He said, “Yeah, it’s good,” and Jay continued, “You went for a run?” It appears that you have been exercising.”

Billy stated, “I joined that new gym, lost track of time, and didn’t have time to shower.”

“Anyway, I assume you aren’t here to make a purchase.”

Jay explained, “No, Honey wanted this signed because it’s Janet’s new modeling contract.”

Billy accepted the contract, but it was clear that he was having difficulty comprehending the conditions.

“Are you all right?” “Could they make the writing any smaller?” Jay inquired, and Billy responded.

“Would you like to have a drink later?” Before the marker trader could respond, Jay inquired, “No, I’m busy.”

Is there more to Billy’s sweaty appearance and blurry vision than meets the eye?

The two have only lately begun to rebuild their friendship, and Jay’s offer of a drink may have been declined due to health concerns.

When Jay and Honey were talking about the incident, he asked his girlfriend how her efforts to assist Suki were going.

“She doesn’t seem to be doing well; she was still in bed when I arrived. Vinny was attempting to get her to eat, but she explained that he had two left feet in the kitchen.

“Why don’t you share your cooking knowledge with him? It seems like he could use it.” Jay made a suggestion.

Honey agreed, “I can cook for her.” “Did Billy behave civilly?”

“Every time I think we’ve got it figured out, we’re back to square one,” Jay responded.

“I inquired as to whether he was.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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