‘East’: Lay Zhang will release a solo mini-album following EXO’s comeback, marking the conclusion of a protracted absence.


‘East’: Lay Zhang will release a solo mini-album following EXO’s comeback, marking the conclusion of a protracted absence.

Lay Zhang aka Yixing made his long-awaited return to EXO in 2017 after a brief absence, and he is still signed to SM Entertainment.

Even though there are still a few months left in the year, Lay Zhang alias Zhang Yixing has had a very successful 2021. After a brief absence in 2017, he finally made his long-awaited return to EXO. Because he is an ambassador for the Communist Youth League of China, Lay was unable to participate in group activities due to tensions between China and South Korea. He rejoined EXO for their summer release, ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling,’ when diplomatic relations improved. He is preparing to release his solo album, ‘East,’ after exciting his members and fans with his involvement.

It’s worth noting that Lay is still a member of EXO and is managed by SM Entertainment; his albums and music are still produced by the South Korean label. Similarly, his fourth EP, ‘East,’ will be a collaboration between SM Entertainment and Yixing Studio, his personal agency. His most recent solo album, ‘East,’ comes after the success of his studio album ‘Producer,’ which he published in February 2021. Here’s what we know so far about Lay’s next album.

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Lay Zhang of EXO stars in ‘Crime Crackdown,’ and fans are eagerly anticipating more Chinese dramas starring him.

EXO Kai is the official global ambassador of Seoul Fashion Week, and his fans refer to him as “the main character.”

When will it be released?

On October 15, Lay’s mini-album ‘East’ will be published.

Where should you pay attention?

It will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn, and other major music streaming sites.


‘Samadhi Real Fire’ is number one.

Names of possible tracks

‘Flying Apsara’ is number two.

3. The word ‘east’

‘Shepherd’ is number four.

On his birthday, October 7, Lay released ‘Samadhi Real Fire’ as a pre-release single. Fans believe that by utilizing the track names as captions on his social media posts, the idol has also spoiled the track names. ‘East’ is no exception for the EXO member, who has always blended his culture and rich Chinese history into his music. It appears that he will incorporate Far Eastern themes into his fantasy universe and will tell a fresh story.

Lay has also created a new charity project called ‘Flying Apsaras and Chasing Dreams,’ which is worth noting. Seven schools in Guizhou will receive donations in the form of financial aid packages. In addition, the organization will fund cultural study in West Hunan. It will also reward people who complete the ’21 Day Passion Challenge,’ which entails recording themselves learning or doing something they are enthusiastic about for 21 days. Fans have the ability to vote. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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